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odds Copa del Rey 2018

odds Copa del Rey

Who wins the Copa del Rey 2018?

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Spanish cup’s official name is Copa Del Rey. There is an added bonus of winning the cup if it is won by anyone outside the top 6 in the La Liga. The winner would be eligible to play in the next year’s Europa League. So the prize is not only prestigious but also helpful for the small clubs.

FC Barcelona:

Barcelona have won this cup more than any other team. And this record is most likely to stay that way. They have always filled a good enough squad in this competition. They are also the reigning champion of this cup. Though they have won the Spanish cup, the past season have been a bad year for the club. And they have Ernesto Valverde to lead them in their next campaign. Valverde himself have won the trophy with his previous club Athletic Bilbao. So a good Spanish cup run is inevitable.

Real Madrid:

Real Madrid doesn’t have a great record in the Spanish cup. For a club of real Madrid’s stature that is unacceptable. So a better performance in next year’s Copa Del Rey is expected. Real will have no transfer band in this summer’s transfer window. So they will have a bigger squad then before in the next campaign. Which will help them to get the Spanish cup trophy once more.

Athletic Bilbao:

Bilbao is not one of the heavyweights of Spanish football. But they have a great record in this competition. And so they always take this competition more seriously than others. Bilbao has a good mixture of both youth and experience in their side. The next season they will be under new management. So the new guy will of course try his best to extend Bilbao’s legacy in this great competition.

Atlético Madrid:

Atlético has been blessed to have Diego Simeone as their manager for a long time. But all good thing must come to an end. Siimeone’s contract runs out after the next season. And he won’t renew it any longer. So for his last season he will do his best to go out with a silverware. And his most likely path to achieve this goal is the Spanish cup.