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FIFA 21’s Top 10 Players

Need the ultimate football team or bet on a player with one? Here’s a rundown on FIFA 21’s crème of the crop, according to player data from EA’s FIFA 21 website. Their overall rating is calculated on six factors: pace (PAC), shooting (SHO), passing (PAS), dribbling (DRI), defense (DEF), and physical (PHY). The player controlling the team is also an important factor.

Take note that FIFA 21 players can’t simply put the best in one team. Chemistry determines how well one player will play with the rest of the team, so not everyone will have a solid enough bond. But knowing the players on this list will give you a good idea, either when you’re playing the game or betting on Fifa betting sites.

1. Lionel Messi (93)

PAC: 85DRI: 95
SHO: 92DEF: 38
PAS: 91PHY: 65

The right-winger for FC Barcelona, Messi is a living legend. He’s as aggressive as his ratings say, with high marks in acceleration, accuracy, ball control, and long shots.

His defensive plays leave much to be desired, scoring low in tackles, marking, and interceptions. While his overall rating dropped by one point from FIFA 20, he’s still a force to be reckoned with on any match.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (92)

PAC: 89DRI: 89
SHO: 93DEF: 35
PAS: 81PHY: 77

Piemonte Calcio’s premiere striker is just as aggressive as his fan-declared rival. He has high marks for offensive play, as expected of a player whose role is to score goals.

But don’t count on Ronaldo to make intercepts and tackles, as he scores lower in those than Messi. As soon as he gets the ball, he should already be near the opponent’s goal to make the shot.

3. Robert Lewandowski (91)

PAC: 78DRI: 86
SHO: 91DEF: 43
PAS: 78PHY: 82

Another striker on this list, FC Bayern’s Lewandowski is a goal-scoring natural. Across his nearly-60 matches last season, he scored at least a goal per match, earning him a goal-match ratio of 1.11. With high marks in shooting, he can give both Ronaldo and Messi a run for their money.

He scores relatively better than Messi in interceptions and standing tackle. With the team’s recent win over Borussia Dortmund, he’s a few goals away from breaking the record for most goals in a Bundesliga season.

4. Kevin de Bruyne (91)

PAC: 76DRI: 88
SHO: 86DEF: 64
PAS: 93PHY: 78

With fairly well-rounded stats, de Bruyne lives up to his reputation as the best player in the Premier League. Manchester City FC’s central attacking midfielder still has high marks in scoring (though not as high as the previous three). However, given his support role, he excels the most in passing and ball control.

5. Neymar Jr (91)

PAC: 91DRI: 94
SHO: 85DEF: 36
PAS: 86PHY: 59

As a left-winger for Paris SG, Neymar Jr is fast on his feet, combining his agility and ball control. But don’t count him out of goal-making, as he’s the second-highest scorer among Brazil’s national football lineup below Pele.

6. Jan Oblak (91)

PAC: 87DRI: 90
SHO: 92DEF: 50
PAS: 78 PHY: 90

Atletico Madrid’s Oblak is the only goalkeeper in the top ten, edging out 11th-placer Marc-Andre Ter Stegen by a slim margin. He scores high in goalkeeping skills, namely in handling and reflexes.

7. Virgil van Dijk (90)

PAC: 76DRI: 72
SHO: 60DEF: 91
PAS: 71PHY: 86

As a defender, van Dijk doesn’t excel as much in offensive play. Goal-making is decent, but volleys and positioning are subpar. Passes are solid enough for defensive maneuvers.

8. Kylian Mbappe (90)

PAC: 96DRI: 91
SHO: 86DEF: 39
PAS: 78PHY: 76

Another Paris SG player and the last striker on the list, Mbappe plays with speed and dribbling. Since childhood, he’s looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo, looking to emulate his striker ways.

Defence-wise, he falls short. His penalty and free-kick accuracy are decent enough, and he excels more in short passes than long ones.

9. Mohamed Salah (90)

PAC: 93DRI: 90
SHO: 86DEF: 45
PAS: 81PHY: 75

The second of Liverpool FC’s top three, Salah, is a right-winger with a striker’s soul. He made the position shift during the 2017 Premier League, scoring 32 goals in 36 league matches.

Though he plays in FIFA 21 as a right-winger, his relatively-balanced stats allow him to adapt to various playstyles. The defense is decent, but don’t expect him to perform tackles.

10. Sadio Mane (90)

PAC: 94DRI: 90
SHO: 85DEF: 44
PAS: 80PHY: 76

Left-winger Mane shows his incredible speed in his stats with high marks in pace, dribbling, and shooting. The defense is subpar, and his accuracy in free kicks is just enough. Nevertheless, you can expect him to pull off game-changers in a match.


When combined with good football betting strategies, knowing the top performers in FIFA 21 can give you a competitive edge. But researching on players beyond the top ten is also worth the effort, one reason being the game’s chemistry mechanic. After all, the best team is one that works together fluidly.

Whether in real life or a video game, football is more than just a numbers game. There’s as much strategizing required–from betting and controlling the teams.