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Russian Premier League Odds

Russian Premier League

Who wins the Russian Premier League 2017/2018?

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Russian Premier Leagues has done giving us the entertainment that we were all expecting of them and it has been truly a pleasure watching new talent emerging in and giving in their best as the league progressed and gave us more and more moments to cherish with more nail biting finishes as well. In the end for the Russian Premier League, last year, Spartak Moscow were just a little bit better than CSKA Moscow as they got the win to their name. Zenit Saint Petersburg had a jinx of 2015-16 and stayed in the third position. It was truly remarkable watching Krasnodar’s forward Fyodor Smolov showing off his skill with the ball, just like he did in the previous season as well.

But what can we expect from the Russian Premier League in the 2017/18 season? One thing is for sure, with the lineup CSKA Moscow has got and with the firepower into their forwards which they’re going to retain for the next season as well. They are going to come forward and make a clear difference. Only three teams have dominated the tournament in past more than 5 years and there’s no doubt that we’re going to find Spartak Moscow, Zenit Saint Petersburg and CSKA Moscow in the top three. Is it going to be Krasnodar or Rostov as the fourth contender, we’re yet to find that. But truly it all depends on how the teams utilize their assets according to the situation when it lies in front of them; get all the details for the odds and the comparison at