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Gambling Market Review—Risk and Reward

A landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court to allow States to make laws about gambling last year signaled a new era for the industry. Around the world, gambling has often been a controversial subject. In the UK and Europe, remote gambling is largely legal. But in the Middle East and many parts of Asia, the industry is frowned upon.

There are many reasons why a country may decide to ban gambling. But if you have thought about investing in it, you probably believe it’s beneficial. On the flipside, it’s a risky industry with rewards and losses. Below is what you can expect by investing in it.

Risk—there are no Guarantees

Whether slots or blackjack, craps or poker, there are no guarantees of winning anything in a casino establishment. Outcomes are randomized by random generator algorithms in slots and many other online casino games. European roulettes, for example, generate a winner after every 37 spins if players bet on a specific number.

Many slots produce a winner after 10-25 spins while in table games, this depends in part to your skills. Even on 50/50 bets like betting whether the ball lands on the black or red pocket in a roulette game can’t always favor you.

The best way to increase your odds of winning is to play on great casino sites. Also, claim bonuses on sites like Zamsino to help save on your bankroll and to maximize your chances of winning. Prefer table games like blackjack over slots since you can boost your chances of winning through skills and strategies.

Reward—Lots of Money to be Won

Gambling is a high-risk, high reward business. You could lose $1000 within 10 minutes of spinning slot reels at an online casino. But on your lucky day, a $1 bet could turn you into a millionaire. A lucky Greek won once $8.6 million from a minimum bet in 2009 in one of the biggest online casino wins ever.

Another player, this time a Swede, won €7.6 million playing a slot game in 2012. His record was soon broken by a (female) player who chose to remain anonymous. In her testimony, the player won the $8.82 jackpot in a $1 slot game. In 2017, a Finnish man then placed a 25-cent bet on a progressive jackpot game, winning a record €17.88 million.

Of course, not everyone gets to win million-dollar jackpots. But there are thousands of people who live off casino gambling. Imagine if you figured a way to win 60% of all sports bets you placed in a month. With a capital of $10,000, you earn $6,000 in profits.

Accumulatively, you have at least $72,000 every year. Now picture if you tripled your capital the following year. 60% of $30,000 is $18,000. In a single year, you could be earning $216,000.

Risk—Legal Implications

Gambling is mostly legal around the world. From the UK to Australia, Brazil to Canada—there is no shortage of places you could wager. Despite this, most countries have gambling regulations that could put you into legal trouble if broken.

Online gambling is mostly illegal in the US. Most American-based players are also prohibited in foreign gambling sites. You can always join many of the platforms using a VPN, but some companies won’t process your wins if they realize you joined illegally.

Reward—Gamers are Rarely Prosecuted

Even in countries with strict anti-gambling laws, authorities rarely go after the players. They instead arrest and prosecute illegal casino owners. As such, you aren’t likely to go to jail if you joined a casino illegally.

On the bright side, you don’t need to join gaming platforms illegally. There are more than 100 trusted platforms that welcome players from around the world. Thanks to e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, gambling sites no longer care a lot about your country of origin.

You may be asked for a few verification details, but trust there are lots of legitimate platforms willing to accept you. You can learn more in this article by Erik King from Zamedia N.V.

Risk—can be Addictive

The glittery lights, rhythmic soundtracks and the excitement of casino games can be addictive. When you also know that every bet is a chance to make money, you can easily be tempted to bet more than you should.

The worst part about gambling addiction is that most people don’t know they have it until it’s too late. There may be signs like increased debts, chasing losses, selling household items and repeated attempts to quit but it’s not a habit that’s easy to let go.

Reward—Addiction can be Avoided

As an investor, you’ve probably already set your mind to approach gambling like a professional. That means you’ll have a bankroll for every month and a plan of which games to play. Depending on which games you choose, you may need good strategies to help lower the house edge.

If you are also able to manage your emotions and follow your plan, you can easily avoid gambling addiction. When you play professionally, you don’t get emotional when you lose. Instead, you decide when to stop playing.

Of course, this does not mean that only weak-minded people become addicts. Quite the contrary, addiction affects even the best in society. If you feel like the game is ruining your life no matter how professional you are, consider quitting.

Gambling Market—Verdict

Like any business, there are risks and rewards in gambling. Sometimes the risks are higher than in most businesses but so are the potential rewards. The players who placed 25 cents and $1 bets and won millions of euros probably quit their jobs. Such is the high reward gambling possesses.

Unfortunately, the house always wins. Most gamblers lose more than they earn in the long-run. If you are going to invest in online gaming, approach the industry professionally. Decide which exact games are best for you. Usually, games that involve some level of skills are better than completely randomized games.

In sports betting, for example, you can use data about the teams to help you pick the most likely winner. Skills can also be helpful in video poker and a few other table games. On the other hand, you can use strategies to maximize your wins on games like blackjack, slots, and baccarat.