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La Liga Next Manager To Leave Odds

La Liga Next Manager To Leave

Next Manager To Leave 2017/2018

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A new LaLiga season is about to begin, and while everyone is looking at the possible transfers and movements between players and teams, another market will earn attention as the time passes. We will analyze which managers might be in troubles in the first part of the season if the results don’t go according to the plan.

In general terms, a good way to analyze the near future of a manager includes a number of elements that needs to be present, especially at the start of a new league. A manager that worked the past season for the same team might be leaving early if there is a bad start than a new one, who could be given more time to adapt. If we know how the team is operated by their owners or president, we can also predict what will happen if the results are bad. An owner or president known for his impatience and managerial changes during an ongoing season might give us a good sign to look for. Also, the transfers surrounding a particular club might give us another signal. If we suspect that a team is having a poor transfer window which may result in a weaker squad, this might impact in the manager’s future later.

For the new season, we’ll look first at the newcomers. These teams are always fighting to adapt and survive in a new league, and a bad initial run might spark some changes. Girona FC, Getafe CF and Levante UD were the promoted teams. Levante UD was the champion of the second division, having a really good season. Juan Ramón Muñiz managed to assemble a good team which now will have to demonstrate its power in a tougher league. From the promoted managers he seems in the better position to keep his job, not only for what he did but also because of what he can do with Levante, a team that has the means to improve their squad and have some experience in the first division. Pepe Bordalas took Getafe to the first division after some years by winning the promotion. He might have more troubles, as the signings that they’re making might not be enough for LaLiga, and his position in the team is more fragile. Pablo Machín is managing Girona since 2014 and seems like a stable position, but a new league means new challenges and is unpredictable how a team that never played the first division will react.

For the remaining teams, the ones who struggled to survive the last season are always the main candidates for an early change. Real Betis, however, decided to hire a new manager for the season. Quique Setién will have a hard challenge, but he might have some more time to work if things don’t goes well. Pepe Mel (Deportivo La Coruña) and Manuel Márquez (UD Las Palmas), however, might be the more unstable managers in LaLiga: both teams avoided relegation with them, but they will have to change a lot and improve their squads if they want to survive.