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Money Wheel Review

Money Wheel is a unique casino game from Play’ N Go provider. The game allows you to make predictions on the outcomes of spins. You are provided with money chips like those in a land-based casino to place on your desired betting position or play roulette online. There are 7 positions available. Read this Money Wheel game review for more info.


Step on the Casino Floor


One of the reasons most experiences casino games players like to play gaming products from Play’ N Go is because of their creativity and forward-thinking quality. Money Wheel game is one of such masterpieces as it comes with a catchy and smooth interface. On launching the game Money Wheel online, you see an intro page that displays the game wheel on a wine velvet curtain, and an overview about the wheel.


Another fact that makes Money Wheel unique is its design. It comes in the form of a ballless roulette, a wheel of fortune, and is placed on a blackjack game table. Isn’t that just special? Playing three games on one screen?


The wheel is dominated by 7 positions on which you can place your bets. These include the star (on a stylish green position), Joker (appearing on a red dragon position), 20 (in a green position), 10 (in a purple position), 5 (yellow position), 3 (blue position), and 1 (on white position). The middle of the wheel is covered with a stylish embroidered red carpet with 4 dragon images on it. The golden round point in the middle also adds to the aesthetics of the Money Wheel game.












45 (Joker and Star)



45 to 1






20 to 1






10 to 1






5 to 1






3 to 1






1 to 1



The Rules Are Clear


From the table, you will realize that the juiciest payouts are won on Joker and the Star positions, so, hope you land the wheel on them.


There are not many verbose rules to play Money Wheel game with, you just need to pay attention to the gameplay buttons and chip placement procedures. To place bets, look to the left-hand side of the screen, you will see that trey that houses chips “x”, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. Those are the available betting options you have as each is equivalent to 1 euro and up to 100 euro per spin.


So, click one of the options to pick your bet or click “x” to bet nothing, pick a position or multiple positions below the wheel, then hit the spin button on the right-hand side of the screen to activate the gameplay once. Click the spin button again to “rebet” the same amount as in the previous game or click “Clear All” to cancel the previous bet position(s) and pick fresh ones.


There are wagering limits, click the menu icon or the “Table Limits” to see the maximum/minimum stakes possible. Find below further details about the wagering requirements and gameplay buttons:


  •  Spin: This button activates Money Wheel game for one round.


  •  Table Limits: This button shows you that the minimum bet possible on the Money Wheel game is 1 euro, while the maximum is 100 euros. Also, the minimum overall bet is 1, and the maximum overall bet is 500 euros.


  •  Coin Trey: This is where you pick your preferred bet, and it is located on the left-hand side of the screen.


Toss Coins on the Table for Fun


One of the advantages of playing casino games online is that you get to have fun playing your favourite game for free without depositing a dime. This is also applicable to Money Wheel as you can play it without deposit of registration requirement fulfillment. All you need to play Money Wheel game for free is a device that has a good internet connection.


Note that you won’t win real money when you play Money Wheel free online game. You just bet from your demo balance and stack up your earnings in it. However, we advise that punters online run this game in the free mode first before playing for real money as it gives them an idea of the game they are about to play and to know whether it is even worth every penny they spend on it.


Toss Real Coins on the Table for Real Money


This is more serious gameplay as you either win extra cash from your bet or lose it to the house. However, before you can play Money Wheel for real money, you have to fulfil the following gambling requirements:


  •  Sign Up: For the online casino where you are playing Money Wheel game to know your identity you are required to sign up with some of your details which include your email address, phone number, full name, and home address. Provide these to sign up or use the quick signup option by setting up an account with one of the popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. You will get a verification link or code in your email depending on the requirement on the online casino you’ve chosen to play this set.


  •  Payment Method: Choose your preferred payment method out of the available options provided in a reliable online casino. The most popular options are MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, direct bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, etc.


If you are using a MasterCard to pay for bets on Money Wheel online game (for example):


  •  Input the amount you want to deposit in your casino wallet,


  •  Provide all the digits inscribed on your MasterCard,


  •  Provide the CVV numbers behind it and submit,


  •  An OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to your email or phone number), provide this OTP, submit and the transaction is successful with your deposited amount in your casino wallet. Make quick bets on Money Wheel online game from your online wallet.


  •  Age Requirement: You must be 18 years old and above to play online Money Wheel game or even gamble online at all. This is the moral/legal standard in many jurisdictions.


Learn Some Spinning Tricks


Study the following tips and strategies to increase your chances of making a profit on online Money Wheel game or other online casino games:


  •  Know when to stop betting and when to bet high: We advise you stop playing for real money and opt for the demo for a while if your losing streak is getting too long (say 10 spins straight). In another view, increase your stake on a particular position if you have lost for at most 5 times on it; your chances of winning on it the next round is high.


  •  Bet more on position “1”: This is the least paying position on the online Money Wheel game; however, we realized after playing the game that more win’s land on it compared to other positions.


  •  Spread your bets: Spread your bets on multiple positions to improve your chances of catching a win on one of them.


  •  Create a betting budget: Now this is very important as it reduces your chances of getting addicted or overspending on gambling. It is also important that you respect the budget and stick to it.


Spin Anywhere You Are


The free Money Wheel game online is mobile compatible. Play ‘N Go did a great job here using the HTML 5 technology. You can either stream the game on your phone browser or download it from your preferred app stores such as Apple Store, Google Play Store, etc.


Safety First


Money Wheel game by Play’ N Go is very safe to play on as it comes with the latest SSL security encryption. In other words, all your details are safe and will not be divulged to third parties for any reason whatsoever.


Interesting Facts


One of the most interesting qualities of the Money Wheel game is its structure. The game features the appearance of three online casino games: that of a roulette, a blackjack, and a wheel of fortune. The game is also quite easy to win on as you can bet on multiple positions at once. Money Wheel game’s RTP ranges from a minimum of 80% to a maximum of 92%, and the volatility is within the medium variance.




After playing Money Wheel game by Play’N Go online and reading reviews left by previous players, we conclude that the game is safe and interesting to play. Players get to pick from 7 different positions, place bets with money chips, and spin the wheel for a correct position prediction. The highest-paying positions on the wheel are the Joker and Star positions. Also, players can either choose to play Money Wheel game online for free or for real money. Stay safe!