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Oddest odds: All the weird events you can bet on

A common denominator for why most people bet on different activities is the chance to win a decent return from a comparatively small stake. However, there are a lot of other factors that influence the popularity of various sports and events with bettors. Personal preferences, local traditions, and uncommon knowledge that may give you a winning edge may all influence where you place your next bet. 

You probably already know the massive markets—politics, sports, TV shows, and online casino games. But if you’re inclined to do so, bookies now allow you to bet on almost anything. That’s why companies like Sky Bet launched innovative features like #RequestABet. The temptation to bet on certain extreme events is backed by favourable odds. Even beginners may be attracted to the potential of a substantial win and our advice, therefore, is to get better informed. Specialised and informative sites such as  offer punters a place where they can read sportsbook reviews, find sports-specific guides and get useful tips. To fire up your imagination, let’s check out a few of the weirdest things you can bet on. 

Cheese rolling

You’ve probably never heard about this, but Gloucester in south-west England hosts a unique event every spring where competitors roll huge pieces of cheese down a hill. The first person to cross their roll over the finish line wins. The best part is that you can bet on who’s going to win and potentially make a decent return. You won’t doubt the seriousness of the event coordinators if you hear that they applied to the Olympics Committee to have the activity added to the Olympics program. Even if their application was rejected, bettors are still going strong on their novelty activity. 


If you thought rolling cheese down a hill was absurd, then how would you want to bet on men carrying their wives down an obstacle course that's 253 metres long? Well, it doesn't have to be their real wives—but you get the picture. Paddy Power even participates and has odds on an annual wife-carrying tournament. The winner stands to gain a lot of prestige and honour, as well as get fit in the process. 

Bog snorkelling

If you come from a country where there are only deep blue seas and golden beaches, then the concept of bog snorkelling may sound confusing to you. However, in the UK, it's an actual event that draws the attention of a lot of punters. Every year, then the British weather is at its worst, hundreds of competitors don their flippers and try to be the quickest swimmers across two laps in stinking bog water. Not only does the World Bog Snorkelling Championship attract a lot of competitors and fans, one year a bookmaker even sponsored the event. 

The end of the world

Do you believe that global warming, unsustainable population growth, or tensions between world political powers might signal an impending apocalypse? If you think you can make an accurate prediction, then you might be in luck. Paddy Power previously allowed punters to lay bets on the word ending in 2018, with the odds at 500-1. If you'd bet £1000 that the earth would be doomed by New Year's Day 2019, you stood to make half a million pounds. Of course, you'd have lost your money—but then again, how would you have received it if the world had indeed ended?

Proof of Alien Life

It's one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of science—are we alone in the universe? Now it's a question that you can potentially make some money out of. Some bookmakers are currently offering odds on what year scientists will find definitive proof that alien life exists. The idea of extraterrestrial life existing might sound laughable to you, but it's a popular bet that's bringing in good business for the bookies. 

Ferret bingo

Here's another bet that you'd probably never imagined. Players sit down and enjoy a game of Bingo. But instead of using an RNG or balls, they put a ferret in a cage with several numbered exits. Whichever exit the ferret chooses is confirmed as the winning number. The event has obtained such a serious following that there have been quite a few allegations of players tampering with the tunnels to gain the upper hand. 

Kim Jong-Un

The North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-Un, seems to be another favourite with the gambling crowd. You can bet on anything from when the supreme leader will die, how he'll die, and whether he might just challenge President Donald Trump to a round of golf.