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Spain World Cup 2018


Spain at World Cup 2018: Stage of Elimination

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Spain Team Top Goalscorer

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Not so long ago Spain was dominating the footballing world with their Tiki-Taka style of play combined with having multiple world class players in every position. This lead to them not only ruling multiple the cup competitions at club level but also winning the World Cup at 2010 in South Africa. A few years later at the present, they have lost countless of their star players of that generation. And the ones who still remain are not as great as they once were. So, the next World Cup in Russia is the perfect place for the new generation of Spanish players to step up and rule the world again.

On paper, Spain has a great squad with not only great players in the lineup but also in the bench if needed. But the problem has been the cohesion among the players. But in time that should not be an issue. The main issue is the change in management. Spain's last manager was Vicente Del Bosque, who is considered by many as one of the best managers of the game. That is a big shoe to fill by any top manager but even more tough for someone as young as Julen Lopetegui. But if he can fulfill his potential, Spain's national team is in the right hand. On the field, Spain's strongest part is their defense. It would be tough for even the strongest attacking sides to unlock it. On the middle of the field, there is a good mixture of youth and experience. So the midfield should work just fine. But at the top, the striking position may cause some problem. Because at the moment Álvaro Morata is the only candidate who has the capability to lead the Spanish team's front line. This may be a big burden for someone as young as Álvaro Morata. But if he is in form and has great support from midfield, then there seems to be no issue that can hinder Spain's success at the World Cup in Russia.


Portugal v Spain

Portugal 4.00

Draw 3.50

Spain 1.90


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