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Tips to improve your memory

Memory is a vital part of human health. It can become worse with age, but there are multiple tips and exercises which help to keep your sharp memory for as long as possible.

In this article, you will find some life hacks and habits that should be applied in daily life to maintain a good memory.

Don't ignore an 8-hour sleep

A good sleep or a lack of it affects people's memory. You should have noticed that if you didn't get enough sleep at night, you struggle at work in the morning, you are less productive and your memory is weak.

Multiple types of research showed that those who have problems with sleep recalled 40 % less information than those who get enough sleep on a constant basis.

Include fats in your diet

When a person is hungry or tired it is very difficult for him to focus and this happens for a reason. The fuel stopped coming so the "car" stops. Apparently, fats play an important role in your memory's activity. Include in your daily meals healthy fats that will stimulate the work of your brain cells.

It has proven that OMEGA 3 is one of the most efficient types of healthy fat you can consume. Eggs, fish, oils improve memory as well.

Exercise your brain

When did you solve a crossword or a puzzle last time? Get back to them. Frequent challenges for your brain are extremely useful for your memory. You make the brain work hard. Wıth all technologıcal developments people rarely use their brains while calculating something. You can also try playing online games that offers Bao casino.

In most cases, they don't need to remember anything, because they have all those reminders on their mobile phones. It is recommended to learn new things all the time. It can be a new skill or a new style of dance, a new language. Choices are unlimited.

Spend time with your friends

Regular interactions with friends and loved ones improve not only the memory but also mood and keep people away from depression and loneliness. In conversations with friends, you might need to use your memory to recall some events, emotional connections.

Socialization is important and you should try to connect with people and don't isolate yourself. It is one thing to be in need of a moment alone but it is totally another when you spend days without seeing or talking to anybody.

Hit that gym

Physical health and mental health are often connected. Taking care of your physical condition will maintain a good memory as well. How? When you exercise, the blood flow improves, the energy level rises, your sleep will improve which results in memory's good shape as well. If you don't like gyms, play football or take fitness classes.

Consider handcrafting

Another tip that can improve your memory is handcrafting. Whether it is knitting or crocheting, sewing or macrame, all these activities force your brain to remember combinations, patterns. The brain process is constant in that case and your memory benefits.

There is a term "Dementia" which is a category of brain disease involving difficulty to remember things. According to some studies, it is expected that in 10 years more than 70 % of the earth's population will be living with dementia.

The most horrible thing about it is that this disease has nothing to do with aging, it simply indicates the bad work of your memory. Apply the above-mentioned life hacks in your life to prevent your memory from shutting down early. At the end of the days, memories are everything that people are left with. Make sure that you will remember all of them.