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Which Online Game is Best for You?

It feels like every week, there’s a new game that everyone is raving about. There are countless free games available on your smartphone. But not only that, there are hundreds of new PC releases each week and some of the hardest ones to keep up with are the huge releases hitting the shelves for consoles.

Keeping on top of these new releases, along with the countless games already available, can make actually sitting down and playing almost impossible. And, even if you do get to sit down and play, you can almost guarantee that you won’t have enough time to lose yourself in the game.

That’s why online gaming can be a great option. While there is still an innumerable amount of games available, you can give every spare second to them. Play while your commuting, on your breaks at work or even while you wait for your dinner to cook.

There are also some pretty impressive options available. Whether you’re into RPG, shooter, or adrenaline-filled casino games such as Mystic Wheel Slot, you’ll have plenty of choices. But, how can you find a game that’s worth your time?

Are you a casual gamer or a dedicated gamer?

To start you on your quest to finding the perfect online game, you need to consider how much time you have available. This will determine whether you need something you can drop in and out of, or whether you can dedicate a daily visit to your fantasy world.

There are plenty of mobile games that are ready to progress when you are. These are normally level based, making it perfect for when you only have a few minutes to kill. The likes of Candy Crush, Plants VS Zombies and Peggle would work perfectly.

For those who have more time on their hands, you can expect a more immersive storyline and completely engrossing gameplay. Hardcore gamers can get their online thrills from the likes of The Drowning, The Walking Dead and Grand Theft Auto, all of which are available on the Apple and Android Store.

Finding the perfect gaming genre

The next thing to ask yourself is; what do you like in a game? Some of the most popular online games can be split between action and logic.

With logic, you can expect to face some pretty mind-bending puzzles. These can be great for improving your brain function and work well if you’re on a work break or are studying. Research has even found that gaming can improve your concentration and focus, and there’s no better way to take advantage of that than with puzzlers such as Monument Valley and Unblock Me.

But with action, you’ll likely see your heart start to race. The genre was one of the first to get popular, and it’s understandable as to why. They provide a unique, immersive experience that can get players doing a wide range of things, from combat to resolving hard quests. Interested? The likes of Brawl Stars and Critical Ops would be perfect for you.

There are also other aspects to consider. For example, do you want the ability to play with friends? If you do, you can whittle your search down to multiplayer. Do you prefer your games to feel more realistic? Try a simulation game. Or, if you love fantasy, focus your search on RPG’s.

So, what are you waiting for? Regardless of whether you’re a casual gamer or are more hardcore, it’s undeniable that online gaming offers so many perks. Do it where you want and when you want. Explore your options and discover your new favourite game today.