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Why some people love classic fruit slots

The slots industry has undergone a period of profound change over the last couple of decades, something that is absolutely the fault of the emergence of a new exciting development in the market. That exciting development is something we all know and love: the online slots world! Over the years this has gone from being a primordial idea had by developers, to a fully fledged market that accounts for over half of the world’s overall gambling.

The modern 2020 online slot industry is particularly exciting too, as developers such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Microgaming have consistently been creating evermore complex online slots. But here’s the thing: not everybody loves playing highly modern and complex slots, for some people classic fruit slots are all you really need. Read ahead to find out the top 10 slots and why some people love classic fruit slots.

The nostalgia factor

One of the main things that continually draws online slot gamblers to the world of classic fruit slots is the nostalgia factor. For many people it is the classic fruit slot machines of yonder that were their first introduction to slot gambling, or even gambling in general, so they are understandably quite keen to throw themselves into the old fruit machine world once more.

Moreover, developers have got seriously good at emulating old fruit machine graphics, with many of them even making the game screen look like the outer shell of a classic fruit machine you would play in real life. This is even better, as it can make you forget you are even playing online in the first place.

Classic fruit slots tend to be simpler and easier to play

Another key reason why many people prefer playing classic fruit machine style slots these days is because they are often a hell of a lot simpler to play than the more modern complex 2020 slots that are out there today. This is especially important for beginner gamblers who many not be so confident on the more complicated online slots.

In fact, classic fruit slots are probably the best games available to learn the way of slot gambling on – you just cannot beat them!

Classic fruit slots can have huge jackpots

Classic fruit slots can also have some pretty huge jackpots, often quite a lot larger than the ones you would find on more modern slots. Take Mega Joker by NetEnt, for example, an online slot modelled on the incredibly famous Las Vegas Megabucks progressive jackpot machines.

Who can say no to a bigger jackpot? It is no surprise that so many people are loving classic fruit slots these days, is it?

Classic fruit slots often have higher RTPs

RTP stands for Return To Player, and is given as a percentage that indicates the average amount a gambler can expect to see back from their stake on a slot game. Classic fruit slots tend to have higher RTPs, as the developers haven’t been bogged down in creating fancy graphics and cut scenes.