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Are The Attractive Bonus Offered By Newest Betting Websites Worth The Risk?

Sports bookies use bonus promotions as an attractive offer that will attract a large number of new players. One gets the feeling that every new bonus is even bigger and that new bookmakers are constantly pushing the boundaries. This is understandable because players are always looking for more and are very quick to settle for one type of reward.

The online sports betting industry is a very large and complex industry with a huge number of users. Therefore, what most of them wonder is whether the risk is actually worth activating the bonus promotions. In the following text, we will try to explain in more detail what kind of answer lies behind this question. Enjoy!

Understanding Sportsbook Bonuses

Let's start from the very beginning, i.e. from understanding what bonuses at recommended brand new online bookies actually are. These promotions are primarily for betting sites to attract as many new players as possible. At the same time, they also present a great opportunity for players to get a boost at the start of their adventure and thus increase their chances of winning.

These promotions always come with certain rules that must be followed in order to activate them or withdraw money. You have to deposit a higher amount of money than a certain minimum in order to even be entitled to activate the bonus.

Later, if you profit from the same bonus, you must fulfil the wagering requirement and thus acquire the condition for withdrawing money. It is very important to familiarise yourself with all these rules so that you know what to expect. Moreover, you can find this information on the bookmaker's website or contact the support team.

Wagering Requirement

In order to say that activating a bonus paid off, we must, of course, make some profit with its help. In this process, the biggest obstacle for players is the wagering requirement. Online bookmakers set this rule so that the bonus is not abused and to force players to bet. Wagering requirements usually range from x30 to x50, depending on your online bookmaker.

Moreover, this means that your money, which you received with the help of the promotion, must be multiplied by betting as many times as the actual wagering requirement. We can say that this is the only obstacle when we talk about whether activating a bonus is worth it.

What Can You Lose?

Let's see what you can actually lose if you decide to activate a bonus. Whether you are a new player or you already have an account with a bookmaker, the only thing you can lose is the money you decide to deposit. Most online sites set minimum deposits, which range between $10 and $20, which is perfectly acceptable. Therefore, we can conclude that these potential losses are not large. Of course, each player has different financial possibilities, and it is certain that someone will want to pay more than the minimum. We always advise all users to think carefully about how much money is actually worth spending at any given moment, and we constantly try to promote gambling with responsibility

What Can You Get?

Let's deal with this interesting part, that is, what we can get from a bonus. There the answer is short and clear-we can get money and have a lot of fun at the same time. Keep in mind that your potential win depends on the wagering requirement; that is, it determines your minimum potential win. Since we know how often the wagering recurrence moves, we can conclude that our potential profits are high.

Also, we should take into account all the fun we'll have while betting. Modern online bookmakers offer us countless choices of different sports and live betting.


We come to our question of whether it is actually worth taking a risk and activating an attractive bonus. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut and short answer to this question, and it depends on several factors.

We have already mentioned the most important ones above in the text, and we have to see the whole picture. Before actually activating the bonus, think about all these parameters of a specific bookmaker and a specific bonus. Put everything on the line. See what you can lose and what the potential gains are. Moreover, it is very important to be rational and "cool-headed" in these moments.

Our humble opinion is that it pays to try every type of bonus and promotion, as long as we are not paying huge sums of money. Therefore, if you see an interesting bonus, make your assessment and activate it. Sometimes it's just enough to have a good time and have a good betting experience.