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Green Party Odds

Green Party (MP) - Percentage of votes obtained by the party at the Swedish General Election 2022 - over/under 4 %

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Miljöpartiet (MP), or the Green party, is a part of the current coalition government. Since they were formed in the beginning of the 1980's, they are a relatively new party. Their core concerns are the environment, school, employment and gender equality. The party was formed as a reaction to what was perceived as an unreasonable widespread support for nuclear power, Miljöpartiet was for a long time known as a single issue-party with independence from nuclear power as their only political issue. Since then, their politics has widen and now focus on several matters as the environment as a central issue.

History of Miljöpartiet

The party was formed in 1981 as a loosely organized counter part to nuclear friendly politics. They made political history in 1988 when they became the first new political party to enter parliament since 1918. Initially they did not make much of an impression when they failed to negotiate support for their core issue. They came to be plagued by a waning support causing them to jump in and out of parliament. Lately they have been experience increased support and are now port of the coalition government headed by the social democrats. This happened after having teamed up with Vänsterpartiet and Socialdemokraterna.

Politics of Miljöpartiet

The environment is a central issue in the politics of Miljöpartiet. They want to create economical incentives for people to act in environmentally friendly ways. This will be achieved by encouraging environmentally friendly transportation. Ecological and sustainable food will also preserve the environment. Developing renewable energy is said to be a requirement so the current generation will have a future. By focusing on a school that will make it possible for student to realize their individual abilities, students will succeed. Raising the pay for teachers will enable this. Miljöpartiet wants to create jobs by investing in housing, energy and public transportation. Gender equality will be realized through equal pay and child care.

Future of Miljöpartiet

In current polls, Miljöpartiet is bordering on the four percentage. They have long history of bouncing in and out of parliament and it is not unreasonable that their time is up once again. What will happen is hard to predict. While environmental issues are growing in popularity, Miljöpartiet is not. Can they increase support by returning to their single issue roots? It's not reasonable to assume that such narrow politics will succeed in today's political climate. But they could gain votes by clearly expressing their relations to Socialdemokraterna. It is unclear if they are a support party to Socialdemokraterna, a social democratic environmental party or something new. Looking at their history, it's not unreasonable to predict that we won't be seeing them in parliament after the next general election.