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Betting on unusual sports

The reasons for betting on sports are different for different people, and the reasons for not doing it also has different reasons. No matter what your take on betting is, there are a lot to learn! Especially when it comes to sports that are more indigenous and not international, yet. It might even teach you something about different cultures and increase the curiosity in different sports.

The odds

In almost all things that we so there are odds involved in a some form. You are more or less set for success depending on the task, going to the shop and to find milk has a high rate of success and that means low odds but to find that exotic fruit in the express shop around the corner is quite unlikely and therefor has high odds.

Casinos are sport betting’s cousin

In a casino there are a lot of different things that you can place bets on like cards, dice and slots. All games have a percentage of RTP, Return To Player that sets how high your chances of winning are. So in a casino environment you can get some odds but in another setting than on sports. To find out more about casinos and what they can offer you look at Videoslots different games and setups.


Betting on horses is nothing new to the Brits, but in England it is mainly gallop and hurdle racing. But around the world trotting in harness and with a jockey is a big thing. The game is very much alike, first over the finish line wins. But in trotting they have to stay in trot and not go over to gallop.

If you are curious about the sport and want to look at other branches, camel racing might be something that will make you betting life a bit more interesting. If you are looking for an even more exotic ostrich racing might be the thing for you to be mesmerized by.


This full contact body sport is big in India and are something that is really fun to place bets on. There are

When looking at statistics there are some sports that really stand out when comparing the Indian gambling market. First there is Kabaddi, a sport that not many outside of the south Asia knows this exciting full body, team sport even exists. So these games are rarely present on the gambling sites abroad, so you need to keep an eye at local sites to find your platform for betting.

Kite Flying

This is a sport that has a lot of tradition and history in mainly Afghanistan, there is even an award-winning movie about it, The kite Runner (2007). This sport was first for kings only but has now become a sport of the people. The game can last for days, even weeks and there has been a number of deaths reported. The line holding the kite is sometimes strengthened and has accidently slit throats of spectators. Finding international sites to place bets on this sport is not easy but it can be done if you are persistent and ask the betting sites, you’re not going to find them on the top lists.