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Live Game Joy: Gambling & Interecting With Players and Dealers

Have you ever wanted to visit a gambling house, but your fantasy seems out of reach? Perhaps it is too expensive to handle due to traveling costs, or you cannot make time for your busy schedules. Well, live dealer games were designed with you in mind! You’ll understand why in a minute.

Take a break from the random number generators (RNGs) that foster gameplay in table games. It’s time to try fun live dealer casino games on your favourite online gambling platforms. The best part is that you get an exciting variety, from blackjack and baccarat to roulette and poker. You can even play fun game shows with huge chances of winning. But how does this interactive gameplay work? Let’s find out!

How Do Live Casinos Work?

Online casinos offer a wholesome experience, complete with convenience at your fingertips. It is a known fact; however, is it the same about live casinos or are there any differences? Let us explain everything in detail. SWhen it come to live gambling, the experience is heightened because you participate in games flexibly and comfortably, and your senses play a significant part. You can see the game board and all the pieces moving, whether you’re dealing with cards or die. The live dealers play a huge role in this sensory experience, shuffling and arranging the cards and calls for bets. Depending on the title, you may even get a show.


The wonderment of this interactive gameplay is made possible with advanced technology. Let’s get into them:

  • Video Streaming Technology: The brilliant videos live-streamed for gambling pleasure are made using high-definition cameras. These feeds capture the dealers and the casino environment so you can interact with them;

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Imagine if the game was going on, but you can’t tell if the cards are kings or queens. That negates the fairness feature this form of gambling promises. So, casinos implement OCR technology to help players recognise the necessary elements;

  • Audio and Chat Technologies: One of the selling points of this interactive gameplay style is that it enables players to communicate with dealers and opponents as the game commences. This interaction is made possible using certain technology that offers a similar experience to what you’ll get in a land-based casino;

  • Advanced Encryption: It is common to overlook this super important innovation, but without it, player safety and security are not guaranteed. Encryption tech ensures that your information is protected and impossible to detect by third parties.

Popular Live Casino Providers

The games you get to play are made available by several well-known game providers. You may have heard of some if you aren’t new to the scene, but either way, let’s introduce you to a few.


These guys have up to 80% of the market share, so you can imagine they are the biggest in the game. You will enjoy high production quality from this studio and flexible betting limits with their top titles like:

  • Lightning Roulette;

  • Dream Catcher;

  • Deal or No Deal.

Pragmatic Play Live

The next most popular provider is Pragmatic Play, which is more frequently known for their exciting slots. however, they offer tables, fast-paced games, and game shows as well. Popular titles are:

  • Mega Sic Bo;

  • Boom City Live;

  • Mega Wheel.

Playtech Live

This is another developer that is popular among slot lovers. Even though they’ve got a more limited portfolio, you can still enjoy such titles like:

  • Single Zero Roulette;

  • Baccarat 7 Seat;

  • Ultimate Blackjack.

Proper Gambling Etiquette

Before you launch your first live dealer game, it is important to know the necessary etiquette. These aren’t rules, but they’ll help ensure you and other players are comfortable:

  • Always place your bets before the timer runs down. That way, the game can flow as it should without any interruptions;

  • Follow the game rules, and if you need help, ask the dealer;

  • The chat section is meant for polite interactions. You could be banned if you become vulgar, so keep your emotions in check whether you win or lose;

  • Every player gets a turn. Wait till yours. Butting in could also disrupt the flow of the gameplay and distract the dealer;

  • Once the game commences, keep all advice to yourself unless your opinion is requested.

Get Playing!

Winning is never certain in gambling games, but you can increase your chances. Always pick the right game, namely one with a lower house edge that you are familiar with. These games are not necessarily for practicing because of their high bets and fast pace. So take some time to learn with table games. Not many casinos offer bonuses and promotions that can be redeemed with real-dealer games, but take advantage if you are lucky to find any. Remember to gamble responsibly!