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Live Football Studio Game Review | Odds to Win & Rules

Casino games and sports betting are part of the same industry. Two decades ago, there was a hard line defining the two activities, but nowadays, bettors demand more casino activities with sports influences and vice-versa. 

At first, developers created slots with sports themes, and people loved them. The continuously-evolving world of gambling led to the creation of unique card games streamed on betting platforms.

Live Football Studio is a Live Casino game created by Evolution Gaming. You can find this game provider, their games, and their novelties on online sites with live dealer games. Evolution Gaming is one of the most highly rated creators of casino games, and gamblers seem to be satisfied with their table games or game show options.

Table Layout

In Live Football Studio, the table resembles a football field, and the studio has football-inspired decorations and a live dealer who is also the commentator. His role is to deal the cards and explain the match's latest result and most significant moments. If a match is in progress, you can't watch it on the same device you're playing on, but if you have a TV near you, it will work. 

Being a live dealer game means the table will have a video stream showing the live dealer hosting the game. Players can interact and discuss football and matches with the commentator via live chat while deciding their bets. 

Usually, Live Football Studio includes betting statistics, such as the percentage of bets placed on each team, recent winning outcomes, and other relevant data. The betting area is where players place their wagers. It typically displays the options for betting on the Home team (Blue) or the Away team (Red). You can also set a stake on a tie. 

Rules of Live Football Studio Game

The rules are simple: you bet on one of the three possible outcomes (Home/Away team wins or Draws) by predicting which side will have a higher-ranking card. The highest card wins, and those who guessed correctly win their disserved money. The dealer puts the cards face up on the table, so every online user can see the result and think about their next moves.

Betting on one team's victory brings you a 1:1 payout, but wagering on a Draw grants an 11:1 payout and a catch. The catch is that the players who stake on a Home/Away get half of their bet back. 

This game is a simplified version of Baccarat, and people adore the concept of talking about football while having a fair chance of winning extra cash.

Your odds of winning a team's victory stake are better than a Draw. It is a safe bet for beginners and casual players, but people always hope for a lucky tie to get instantly rich. The odds of two cards displaying the same numbers simultaneously are lower than 6%. However, the game updates its odds after each round. The game helps you see the remaining possibilities until the deck is finished and reshuffled. 

Advantage and disadvantage 

The game itself is fantastic and straightforward. The rules are simple, and the bets payout fair. You can find this game on multiple platforms and access it with whatever mobile device you prefer. 

Live Football Studio Game can become tedious if you're into more sophisticated games that require more attention and focus. This live game is rarely present in a Welcome Bonus Package, so you can't play it for free. 

The live dealer constantly converses about football, matches, and particularities and always pays attention to details. The game also updates each bet's odds of winning so you can make informed decisions. The lowest chance you can put is around $5, depending on the casino, and the biggest payout is 11:1 for a Draw. 

The specialists rate it around 3.9/5, so at the end of the day, it is still a legitimate, fun-to-play game.