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Setting up your sports den

When it comes to betting on the next big event or sports game, one of the best ways to maximise your enjoyment is by creating your own personal sports den. Whether you like to enjoy the match with friends, family or on your own, setting up the perfect sports den will make every game feel special. Here are some things to consider if you wish to set up a sports den in your home.

Choosing a Room

When it comes to choosing a room to build your sports den, consider how much space you have and what you would like to put in. The more space you have at your disposal, the more elaborate and interesting your sports den can be. If you have a largely empty basement, this could be the perfect area to build your den away from high-traffic areas around the home.


Once you have chosen your room, the next step to consider is how you want to decorate it. Perhaps you’d like to paint the walls in your chosen team’s colours or use wallpaper with the team’s logo. You could even add some ambient lighting reflective of the team colours. Finally, consider adding decorations such as sports memorabilia and artwork to complete the look.


The next thing to consider for your sports den is what furniture you need and where best to place it. Comfortable seating is vital, whether it be a comfy sofa for you and your friends or a pair of cosy but reliable rocking chairs. Next, consider a low table or two for placing drinks and snacks during the game. Finally, don’t forget storage options for displaying your memorabilia and keeping your den free of clutter.

Sound & Vision

Perhaps the most important element of any sports den is how to watch and listen to the game. While a big-screen TV is ideal, consider the size of your den and how much you can fit in. The screen you choose should at least be big enough to ensure everyone can see the game clearly from anywhere in the room. Consider also having an integrated sound system installed if you plan on having large groups of people around and want to experience the roar of the crowd.


Once you have the main components of your sports den figured out, you can consider what extra parts to include to make it special. Consider ambient lighting, temperature control and window shading to create the right ambience. A well-stocked bar with food and drink selections is another great addition. Alternatively, you can include additional entertainment options like dart boards and snooker tables to entertain guests between games.