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Athletics odds – Get the Best Odds at Athletics

Athletics Betting Odds – Athletics Odds Guide & Explanation

Athletics is that sport which attracts huge amount of betters and it’s fan following has increased in the recent years. Athletics is a sport that is around for ages and betting on a sport like this can give you a lot of money. When it comes to betting on Athletics then betters from all parts of the world and especially UK-based bookmakers seem to bet really big on Athletics. So, if you want to do the same, then keep reading this article.

The bookmakers get serious when the major events like the Olympic and the Commonwealth Games and other world championships start because huge number of people watch these tournaments. So, betting in tournaments like these is really amazing.

Different Ways To Bet On Athletics

There are different ways available to bet on the Athletics and understanding how the betting works isn’t that difficult at all. There are some methods that are used frequently and some of them are listed below.

Who Will Win: The most common way of betting in almost any sport is the ‘’Event Outright”. In this type of betting, the bet is placed on a particular player who will win the event. Like you have placed a bet on Usain Bolt to win the Olympic game so if he wins you will win the bet too.

Winner Without: Well, in this type of betting the most favorite player in a particular event or game is excluded and the bet is placed on rest of the athletes. So, betting on a player who will come 2nd will make you a winner of the bet.

Each way Bet: This bet is a bit different as it is a combination of two bets. This betting method is also very famous among the fans and the bookmakers. In this bet, you will bet on a player to win the race and if he wins then you will win the bet.

But this is not the end because there is a 2nd bet as well that you are covering. In the 2nd bet you will you pick a winning payout and if your chosen athlete wins the race on the official winning places in his next race. So, in this bet you are putting not one but two stakes on the line and both the bets could result in a win too.

There are so many other ways available as well like the method similar to Formula 1 podium betting. In which, you will bet on an athlete to win a gold medal in an event and if he wins the medal then you will win the bet.

Major Events To Bet On

Well, there is a time for every sport when the betting world is highly busy. When it comes to Athletics, then there are events like the Olympics and the Commonwealth games which really attract the bookmakers. There are events which happen in odd numbered years and some happen in even number years. Like the European Athletics Championships, which take place in the odd numbered years? So, you will have to keep a track of the upcoming and ongoing events as well so that you can make a strategy for every single event. It will also buy you some time to study and research on the athletes as well.

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