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Are Mobile Casinos More Generous with Odds?

Mobile casinos have increasingly become the standard among operators; offering an optimised experience for the smaller screens has evolved into a norm, with several prominent brands establishing themselves through state-of-the-art applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Players have responded enthusiastically, driving online casinos to continuously evolve and innovate their offerings to meet these growing expectations. But amidst this digital transformation, a critical question arises: What about the odds of winning? How do they compare to those at traditional land-based casinos?

Understanding Gambling Odds

Gambling odds quantify a specific outcome's likelihood while indicating potential winnings. This ratio is pivotal for informed betting decisions. Different games use various methods to calculate these figures:

  • Slot machines employ a random number generator (RNG) to ensure unpredictability. Each spin is independent, with odds often fixed across sessions.
  • Table games like blackjack or poker rely on deck configurations and player choices, which affect real-time calculations.
  • Odds for sports betting fluctuate based on event conditions and bets placed.
  • Live dealers, such as roulette and baccarat, mirror the odds of their real-world counterparts since it involves the real-time streaming of a live dealer, which ultimately adds authenticity and trust in the randomness of the game outcomes.
  • Progressive jackpots offer users the chance to win substantial payouts from small stakes. The odds of hitting the jackpot depend on the specific game and are generally long, but the potential reward can be life-changing.

Mobile vs. Traditional Casinos

The below table offers a comprehensive comparison of key differences between traditional and mobile casinos, with a particular focus on odds and player perks.


Traditional Casinos

Mobile Casinos

Operating Environment

Physical venues with gaming tables and machines.

Digital platforms accessible from most modern smartphone devices.

Return to Player (RTP)

Lower RTP, generally around 85-90%.

Higher RTP, often exceeds 95%.

Game Variety

Limited by space; offers fewer games and variations.

Extensive variety including rare and unique game variants.

Bonuses and Promotions

Comps such as free meals and hotel stays.

Cash bonuses, free spins, and loyalty rewards.

Regulatory Oversight

Strict physical monitoring, with regulations varying by locale.

Subject to licensing and regulatory standards, often global.

Payout Speed

Instant payouts at cashiers.

Time-delayed due to processing, verification, or banking methods.

Player Interaction

Direct interaction with dealers and other players.

Interaction through chat functions; less personal engagement.


Requires physical presence at the location.

Accessible from home or on the go.

Bet Limits

Fixed minimums and maximums, often higher.

More flexible, hence accommodates both low and high stakes players.

Privacy and Security

Security through on-site measures and surveillance.

Advanced encryption technologies protect user data.

Odds Setting

Odds are often less favourable due to higher overheads.

Typically offer better odds thanks to lower operational costs.

Factors Influencing Online Odds

Here’s how various elements play a role in shaping the odds at mobile casinos:

  • Competition and market dynamics. Since the sector thrives in a madly competitive environment, established casinos continually enrich odds and player incentives to attract and retain users as new platforms emerge.
  • Player demographics and behaviour. Online platforms adapt their offerings to reflect popular trends and player preferences, which in turn influences the odds presented.
  • Regulatory changes. Differences in gaming laws and regulations can significantly impact how odds are set and promotions are offered, which forces online casinos to adapt in order to remain compliant.
  • Economic factors. Global and local economic conditions can influence player spending habits and betting behaviour. This prompts platforms to modify odds and promotions to maintain player engagement and profitability.

How to Tip the Scales in Your Favour

Improving your chances of winning involves deeply understanding the games and employing effective strategies. More specifically:

  • Leverage bonuses and promotions. Utilise bonuses to extend your playtime and increase winning chances. Make sure to explore mobile casinos too, as these may offer additional promotions exclusive to mobile users.
  • Select games wisely. Choose games with the best odds, typically table games like baccarat, which have lower house edges than slots.
  • Master game strategies. Learn basic strategies for games like Blackjack to reduce the house edge to as low as 0.5%.
  • Opt for games of chance with caution. In games like slots and roulette, select titles with higher payouts and bet on outside chances to improve win probabilities.



Writer: Charlon Muscat