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5 Tips for Comparing Online Casinos Before Signing Up


Before signing up to an online casino to deposit real money and play any of their games, never sign up to the first site you come across without doing a certain amount of due diligence (basic research) into a site. It’s for your own personal safety.

It’s often difficult for inexperienced players (and seasoned pros) to know exactly what to look for in a good online casino.

This is why it’s important to read the reviews on highly regarded iGaming review sites, cross-reference the reviews, and then closely compare them to see which online casino might be a more suitable option for you.

Let’s dive straight in and take a closer look at five tips for comparing online casinos before you sign up anywhere in 2024.

Five tips for comparing today’s best online casinos

If you are currently on GamStop and want to find a selection of rigorously tested online casinos not on GamStop, the most trusted website you can turn to in 2024 is the globally renowned iGaming review site.

Their dedicated team of researchers have spent many hours online looking for reliable and secure online casinos that are controlled by reputable operators with solid track records in the iGaming industry and have carefully handpicked ten great sites for you.

Before signing up to any of their suggested online casinos, the best thing to do would be to take a few minutes to read the reviews and then compare them.

Don’t forget that they would only recommend trustworthy sites worth signing up to and would never recommend UNLICENSED online casinos (aka rogue casino sites).

The most important things to consider when comparing online casino reviews are the following important factors:

  • Licensing – find out where the casino is licensed and if it accepts players from your country
  • Bonuses and promotions – compare the bonuses to see which site is offering a better deal (pay close attention to the wagering requirements)
  • Payout speed – if you don’t like waiting to receive your winnings, compare the average cashout times/transaction speeds for each site
  • Year established – if you’re looking for an older online casino that’s been around for a while instead of a new casino, compare the launch year
  • Games and software – compare how many games the casinos have and, more importantly, which market-leading providers supply games to them; some sites also have sports betting services with nicer odds than most other sportsbooks instead of just casino games
  • Pros and cons – the pros and cons section is useful and highlights the good and bad points, so remember to compare the pros and cons, too
  • Overview – remember to read through the entire reels (should take less than a minute) to get a better general feel for the casino and compare them to see which site sounds like a better option worth signing up to

All of their suggested sites can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops, provided you are of legal age, and you will find that the games load fast in most web browsers on all of their featured casinos.

Is it easy to compare online casinos?

It’s easy to compare online casinos when you know what you’re looking for, especially on well-known iGaming review sites like They have basically done all the hard work for you so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to find this information for yourself, which is never easy.

They have made it so that all you have to do is choose which of the top 10 casinos you like best. Don’t forget that there’s nothing stopping you from signing up to more than one online casino, which is what many players do today.

Some players have multiple active accounts because each site offers something different. You could do the same. When you get bored of playing at one casino, you could switch to playing at another online casino you also had your eye on when comparing casinos.

Final thoughts

When you finally decide which online casino you want to join, you can find several secure external links inside each review that will take you to where you need to go.

For example, let’s just say that you decide that their number 3 pick – BOF Casino, might be a better choice after comparing the reviews because of its fast withdrawal times and excellent VIP program.

All you have to do is tap or click any of the links available inside the review, which will take you straight to that site’s official sign-up page, where you can sign up and claim their welcome bonus in under a minute.

Similarly, if you decide that their number 1 pick – Donbet Casino, might be a better choice because it’s offering new players free spins and a matching deposit bonus and has over 4,000 more games than BOF Casino, then you would need to click or tap any of the links in the Donbet Casino review to sign up to this site, and so on.