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What are the Best African Football Teams?

Football reached African shores in the 1800s, shortly after the rules were officially codified. Today, the sport remains a favorite throughout the continent. The African football leagues attract a ton of crowds from all over the region, and many fans from around the world even tune in to watch the latest competitions. But, the question we have is this: What are the top ranked African football teams in the world? In this article, we go over the best that Africa has to offer.


In 2022, the Moroccan team had some excellent showings. Their brightest moment was during the Qatar World Cup, which attracted a ton of new fans, and was incredibly popular on betting sites. If you want to know more about online sportsbooks, check out this Betway review, that goes in depth about the website. The Atlas Lions displayed excellent plays, and managed to reach the quarter-final before getting eliminated.

But, it isn’t just the World Cup performance that made Morocco stand out. The team has had a stellar history, dominating the African Cup on several occasions. The success of the Moroccan team can largely be attributed to the excellent league system, which manages to consistently produce excellent players. Some of the best to come out of Morocco include: Mustapha Hadji, Hakim Ziyech, Achraf Hakimi, etc.


Morocco’s 2022 exploits ensured they would top this list. However, in terms of historical dominance and relevance, no African country can match Egypt in football. They remain the undisputed kings of the game in the continent. The Pharaohs have been dominating the continent’s football, and remain the most successful national team in the region.

They have won the African Cup of Nations seven times, a record made all the more impressive by the four-year streak from 2006 to 2010. The team’s dominance can largely be attributed to the player-driven system that the country has created. For a while, players needed to play in the Egyptian League first, before joining the national team. Meaning, the country managed to maintain a lot of top-quality players, who continued to hone their skills.

The biggest stars in Egyptian football include people like: Mo Salah, Mohammed Aboutrika, Hossam Hassan, and Mido.


Ghana’s Black Stars have certainly earned a mention on this list. They’ve been praised for their immense talent, skill, technique, and team balance. Ghana has managed to acquire numerous trophies and medals throughout their history. On top of that, they have formidable players, and an excellent league system in which they are nurtured.

The Black Stars have won the African Cup of Nations four times, and have reached the FIFA World Cup Quarter-Finals. The country has also produced some well-regarded and popular star players, most notable Christian Atsu, who recently, tragically passed away while in Turkey. Other notable Ghanaian players include Abedi Pele, Michael Essien, and Asamoah Gyan.


These three countries barely scratch the surface of what African football has to offer. However, in terms of stats and achievements they are the kings of Africa. All of them have produced top tier players, known worldwide. All of them have an excellent league system, geared towards nurturing new talent. And all of them have had great success in the African Cup of Nations.