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Online Lottery in India

Okay, how many of you can honestly say that you’ve spent many a rainy Sunday afternoon gazing out of the windows, fantasising about being on a beach somewhere warm, cocktail in one hand, good book in the other, with a few million in the bank account? We’d wager plenty of you reading today have done this in the past, and we wouldn’t blame you in the slightest.

Lately, online lottery in India subscribers have increased drastically as more and more people are now signing up, playing the lottery online, and potentially winning themselves a life-changing sum of money in the process.

Lotteries are nothing new, yet recently more and more people have started to play the lottery online, rather than purchasing tickets physically from a store. But why is an online lottery in India now the most popular way of playing? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Here’s a look at several key benefits of playing the lottery online.


One of the main advantages of playing the lottery online is the fact that it is so convenient.

If you decide to play, rather than having to get dressed, leave the house, and travel to your nearest convenience store offering lottery tickets for sale, you can instead play from the comfort of your own home.

Now, if you want to sign up for the lottery online, you don’t need to head out in the cold, dark, and wet weather and travel for miles, you simply need to take your phone, computer, laptop, or tablet out, create an account, choose your ticket, and pay.

No need to tune in each week

Remember how you used to tune in to watch the lottery draw happen live on TV in the hope that your number would be drawn and you’d win yourself a fortune?

If so, you’ll also remember how annoying it was when you couldn’t get access to a TV to watch it live, or when the draw clashed with your favourite TV show on another channel.

When you play an online lottery in India however, this is no longer a problem. The draw happens, you can log in and check the result, plus you’ll automatically be notified if your ticket has won you any money.

No fear of losing your ticket

You’ve all heard the horror stories about people who have purchased physical lottery tickets, have won millions upon millions, only to misplace their ticket before cashing in, and therefore losing out on a life-changing experience. Now, imagine that happening to you?

Another benefit of playing an online lottery in India is the fact that, as you play online, your ticket is linked to your account and is therefore always safe. No matter whether you lose your phone, your laptop breaks, or anything else, as long as you purchased a ticket online, it will safe.

Other games and bonuses

Finally, as well as being able to buy online lottery tickets, you can also play a variety of other games and enjoy a selection of other bonuses as well, so there is plenty to keep you occupied with.