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New Bet Site

It doesn’t matter whether you want to place a bet on the ICC Champions Trophy, play a few games of Poker, or bet on the boxing, football, or any other sport of your choice, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, betting online is now easier than ever.

The online betting/gambling industry is worth billions and is one of the most lucrative in existence. This is why we are now inundated with so many different online gambling websites. While many are perfectly fine, there are some which are not so great, which are the ones we want you to avoid.

To help you choose the perfect site for all of your online gambling needs, here is a look at 4 tips for choosing a new bet site.

Are they licenced?

When you choose a new bet site, one of the first things you need to do is find out whether or not they are licenced.

If they are licenced, this will offer you financial security, cyber security, fairness, and great customer service if required.

Once you have a betting site in mind, check their website and do a quick online search to determine whether or not they’re licenced. If they aren’t, move on.

Do they have good reviews?

Another handy tip when choosing the best bet site is to check reviews left by existing and previous customers.

Reviews will give you an idea of whether the betting site in question is genuine, and if so, whether or not they’re any good.

If you can see heaps of positive reviews and very few negative reviews, this is obviously a very good sign. If, however, there are numerous negative reviews and only a few positive reviews, ideally you should consider looking elsewhere for an alternative betting site.

What sort of offers and bonuses do they provide?

Another very useful tip for finding the best bet site is to find out what sort of welcome bonuses and special offers they provide.

This is very useful because it essentially means that you get to enjoy betting and gambling for free. Often sites offer welcome bonuses for new members, they’ll offer matched bets, free spins, free credits, free bets, free games, and so on. This is to entice new members onto their sites, and it is also to ensure that members remain loyal and stick with them.

These offers and bonuses are great because there is no risk attached as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Apps and mobile compatible?

Because virtually everybody now does the majority of their online browsing on a phone or tablet, when you’re looking for a betting site, you need to ensure that it is mobile optimized.

If the site isn’t mobile optimized, navigating on your phone will be a nightmare. Not only that, but if they aren’t willing to invest money in their site to make it mobile compatible, this doesn’t really give you, the customer, the best impression.

Ideally you find a new bet site which is optimized for mobile use, and also provides an app for even more ease of use.