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Athletics Olympics 2021 odds

The athletics timetable for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is unveiled.

Summer Olympic Games will begin on Friday 31 July with the men's 20km race walk, which will finish in front of Tokyo's Imperial Palace, and conclude on the final day of the Games, Sunday 9 August, with the men's marathon.

The IAAF approved the 2020 Olympic qualifying standards which are going to be the hardest outdoor world championship standards ever.

Athletes will have two ways to qualify:

• Achieve the entry standard within the respective qualification period.

• Qualify by virtue of his/her IAAF World Ranking position in the selected event at the end of the respective qualification period.

The process is designed to achieve about 50 percent of the target numbers for each event through entry standards and the remaining 50 percent through the IAAF world ranking system. Qualification Period: May 1st 2019 - June 29th 2020 (Jan 2019-May 2020 for Marathon/50km RW).

"The Tokyo 2020 schedule is substantially different from our previous Olympic Games, but will offer the vast majority of athletics fans attending the Games the opportunity to see Olympic medals being decided, with final scheduled in 15 of the 17 sessions in the main stadium," IAAF Competitions Director Paul Hardy said.

Some of the key features:

- Nine finals will take place during the morning sessions - the finest of all marathons and all three race walks - which will allow more of the overall audience to watch final in prime time. 

Most of the traditional doubles - 100m / 200m, 200m / 400m, 800m / 1500m, 1500m / 5000m, 5000m / 10,000m - to be contested by athletes who are able to contend with one more event.

- All five road events are being held with each other in the spotlight. All races will start at 6am or earlier (the gun will start at 50am race walk at 5:30 am) to give you the best possible conditions.

- The first athletics event of the program, the men's 20km race walk, will be final, where athletes from Japan will prominently figure in the medal chase.

- The combined events will be showcased, with the decathlon and heptathlon staged together in the same two-day period (5-6 Aug), making a great experience for fans of combined events.

- The schedule will allow enough time for 400m specialists to compete in the new mixed event, which will be challenged on day two, 400m events and the traditional 4x400m relay if they so desire.

Thanks to the morning finals, as requested by the International Olympic Committee, athletics will be more visible around the world. Base events held in the stadium are held in the evening to reduce the risks associated with extreme heat for our athletes. The road races will start as early as possible in the morning.

The new schedule also takes into account the traditional doubles as well as the historical introduction of the 4x400m mixed relay. For the first time, athletics will bring together the talents of both female and male athletes in the same event at the Olympic Games.

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