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Athletics Olympics odds

Athletics in Summer Olympics

Athletics is one of the five sports that have always been popular around the world throughout the year. Since the initiation of the modern Olympic movement at the 1896 Summer Olympics, athletics has been seen as contested at every Summer Olympics.

The origins of the athletics program may be traced back to the ancient Greek Olympics. Track and field events, road running events, and race walking events are all part of the up to the date scheduled. Cross country running was competed in earlier editions, but after the 1924 Summer Olympics, it was discontinued. With the inclusion of a mixed relay event, a total of 48 events will have competed, one more than in 2016.

Qualification Process

A total of 1900 competitors from over 190 nations are expected to compete. The Universality places have qualified 101 nations including 61 males and 40 females. Individual events qualification for the 2024 Olympics was vastly different from previous editions. The new qualifying method is based on IAAF World Rankings, rather than only established onset qualifying requirements. Qualifying criteria gave an alternative route, but they must be set high enough that only extraordinary achievements will be able to satisfy them. It is also heard that around 70% of athletes in maximum events will qualify by the entry standard.

Highest Medalist Nations

Throughout the versions, many nations have won medals including gold, silver and bronze. At the Olympics, it is also possible to find some countries that have never won any medal. However, here the top ten nations are as follows:

United States (USA) 797 Medals (Gold 334), Soviet Union (URS) 193 (Gold 64), Great Britain (GBR) 205 Medals (Gold 55), Finland (FIN) 114 Medals (Gold 48), East Germany (GDR) 109 Medals (Gold 38), Kenya (KEN) 96 Medals (Gold 30), Poland (POL) 57 Medals (Gold 25), Jamaica (JAM) 77 Medals (Gold 22), Ethiopia (ETH) 53 Medals (Gold 22), Australia (AUS) 73 Medals (Gold 21).

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