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Field Hockey Olympics odds

Field hockey is only televised every four years at the Olympics, despite being the world's third most popular sport with nearly two billion fans worldwide. Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia are the most popular regions for field hockey. For the longest time, India has been a dominant force in the sport, with a large fan base. However, Belgium, the world's top-ranked team, and other European countries may challenge them for the largest fan base.

Field hockey debuted as a men's category, with six teams competing, including four from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the 1908 Olympic Games in London. Now it has grown its followers over time and has gained a reputation for breaking records like any other sport. However, field hockey at the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held from July 24 to August 6, 2021, at the Oi Seaside Park in Tokyo. The event will include twenty-four teams (twelve men's and women's teams apiece). It was initially planned to play in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympics were postponed to 2021.

Each of the five confederations' Continental Champions gained an automatic entry. As the host country, Japan was automatically qualified. In addition, an Olympic qualification tournament was to decide the remaining six nations. Because Japan won both the men's and women's Asian championships, a seventh spot was made available in each qualification event. Notwithstanding, in qualifying, both the men's and women's competitions had two stages, with a group stage followed by a knockout stage.

Top Medalist Nations

When we look at the rankings, we can see that the Netherlands has won the most Olympic medals for field hockey in history, with a relatively even distribution of gold, silver, and bronze. India, on the other hand, has put their titles in field hockey by winning eight gold medals throughout the versions. The top medal-winning nations are listed here.

India (IND) 11 Medals (Gold 8), Netherlands (NED) 17 Medals (Gold 5), Australia (AUS) 12 Medals (Gold 4), Great Britain (GBR) 12 Medals (Gold 4), Germany (GER) 10 Medals (Gold 4), Pakistan (PAK) 8 Medals (Gold 3), Spain (ESP) 5 Medals (Gold 1), West Germany (FRG) 4 Medals (Gold 1), Argentina (ARG) Medals 5 (Gold 1), New Zealand (NZL) Medals 1 (Gold 1).

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