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Table tennis Olympics odds

Table Tennis at the Summer Olympics

Table tennis has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1988 and has become one of the most popular sports in the last decade, with an estimated 300 million people worldwide playing the game. Table tennis will be played at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo from July 24 to August 6, 2021, with the mixed doubles and two singles events taking place first. A total of 172 table tennis players will compete in the upcoming 2020 Olympic table tennis.

Because of China's dominance in the sport, the format for the 2012 Olympics was revised, allowing only two competitors from each nation to compete. This structure prevents a single nation from winning all three top medals, as was the case during the Beijing Olympic tournament's Individual Men's and Women's competitions, where China dominated and won all six medals. To reduce the emphasis on doubles play, the doubles events were replaced with team events in 2008.

Qualification Process

Japan is the host nation and has automatically qualified six competitors including a mixed doubles team and a team of three men and women competing in singles. 16 teams qualify for the team events and a qualifying competition for one team is held on each continent. A world qualifying event qualifies nine teams from across the world.

A total of 16 pairs will compete in the mixed doubles event. A qualifying competition is held in each continent to choose one pair. The World Tour Grand Finals 2019 qualifies four teams, and the World Tour 2020 qualifies five, and Japan is also guaranteed a spot. If a NOC qualifies with both a mixed doubles pair and a team in one or both genders, the doubles player must be a member of their gender's team.

Individual events require between 64 and 70 participants to qualify. Each NOC with a qualifying team may compete in the individual competition with two members of that team. Individuals who belong to a NOC without a qualifying team will be allocated 22 quota spots through continental championships. There will be only one invitation to the Tripartite Commission. The remaining 172 quota spots will be determined by a final world single qualifying competition and the ITTF world ranking.

Highest Medalist Nations

Everyone knows that China is the world's biggest table tennis champion. It's no surprise, Chinese ping pong players have dominated world championship events for nearly half a century. And China won all of the gold medals in the sport at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

China (CHN) total 53 and gold 28, South Korea (KOR) total 18 and gold 3, Sweden (SWE) total 3 and gold 1, Germany (GER) total 7 and gold 0, Japan (JPN) total 4 and gold 0.

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