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Sportsbooks Aggregator Review: VOdds Trading Platform

Remember when bettors used to sign up for two or more sportsbooks accounts just to line shop?

Well, having the best odds presented in one platform was already made possible through sportsbooks aggregators — and VOdds is one of them.


VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator that allows you to bet on the best odds across numerous Asian bookies.

Some of their partner bookies include Pinnacle, SBOBET, Nova88 and a whole lot more. Meanwhile, they’re also close partners with Eastbridge — a sports betting broker who ‘service betting professionals, quants, syndicates and bookmakers around the world’.

With VOdds, you wouldn’t need to go as far as creating multiple accounts — which, in fact, is time-consuming. The best available odds — even those from top Asian bookmakers — are already shown on the VOdds interface. You just need to manually place your bets and VOdds will do the rest.

The Platform

Right off the bat, VOdds offers a tour around the platform. It’s pretty user-friendly as they walk you through the essentials to navigate their platform. However, it might get a bit confusing if you’re a beginner because their interface doesn’t look like other platforms. 


VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator that allows you to bet on the best odds across numerous Asian bookies.

Some of the things that make this platform different from other aggregators are how you look for the odds. With VOdds, you have to manually add the leagues that you want to bet on. After that, it pretty much easy to use from there.


VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator that allows you to bet on the best odds across numerous Asian bookies.


Once you’ve selected the leagues that you want to add to your watchlist, it auto-populates the matches and the best odds at the time. However, should you want to choose a different odd, an event expands once you click on it and allows you to see other odds. 


VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator that allows you to bet on the best odds across numerous Asian bookies.


After clicking on an odd, an order ticket pops up where you’ll type-in your stake and place your order. 


VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator that allows you to bet on the best odds across numerous Asian bookies.


Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll see your bet being processed at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the status to say ‘CONFIRMED’ and you’re good to go.

Overall, the platform itself is pretty simple as long as you follow the tutorial. Meanwhile, betting is also easy, especially when choosing normal orders. They also offer odds from various bookies and higher limits.

While everything about the platform sounds great, VOdds is still a new brand, so there are some downsides. If you’re into football, tennis and basketball, you’re in luck because those are the only sports that they offer for now.

They also have just a couple of markets available compared to other bookies. These are Asian Handicap (Pre-game and In-Play), 1X2, and Total Goals Over/Under. Still, those markets are most commonly used by professional bettors since its where they make the most out of their wagers. Additionally, payment options are limited as they only support Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and Bank Wire.

Still, VOdds is yet to prove itself as it’s still working on gaining the trust of bettors. 


Despite the downsides of the platform, they offer some notable features that will still make you want to use VOdds for your sports betting. 

1. Stop Loss and Limit Win Function

This feature is what sets VOdds apart from other betting platforms. Their Stop Loss and Limit Win Function gives you the option of deciding how much you’re willing to lose and the amount of profit you’ll be satisfied with.

Through this feature, the platform can automatically close your order as soon as it meets the amount you’ve typed in for loss or win. 

VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator that allows you to bet on the best odds across numerous Asian bookies.

The feature is available through positional orders, which is another feature that allows you to lock-in your wins by betting on both sides of a match. 

2. Leveraged Betting Through Order Options

Since we’ve mentioned positional orders, the platform actually offers three: Normal Order, Positional Order and Future Order.

Normal orders are pretty much your normal way of placing bets. Just choose an odd and put in your stake, and VOdds will place the bet for you. The order will immediately close as soon as you place your bet.

For positional orders, you have the option of betting on both teams to guarantee that you’ll have a win regardless of who wins the match. At the same time, betting through positional orders reduce your risk of losing, which is why this order option also works great with their Stop Loss and Limit Win function.

Lastly, future orders allow you to bet on specific prices, even when the odd is not available yet. And when the odd does open, the order you requested will be automatically placed. Moreover, betting through future orders gives you the freedom to withdraw a trade.

3. Single Wallet for All Bookies

You will definitely enjoy VOdds with this feature because this is pretty much what they’re selling. Gone are the days when you have to register for multiple accounts across various bookies to compare and shop for odds. With VOdds, you can see all the best odds and prices from Asian bookies they are connected with.

4. Sports Trading API

For those of you who don’t know what a sports trading API is, it’s basically a software that allows users to run computerised strategies on their platform, automate their trading, and develop their own product. The API is also best used for high-frequency trading.

The VOdds API is considered to be the fastest betting software for live odds and bets. If you’re part of a group of quantitative traders or quants, and/or syndicate groups, you will love its high liquidity and low latency features.

On top of that, VOdds offer unlimited customer support for as long as you’re connected with them.

5. Blog

Not all betting platforms give you tips, guides and other interesting information that you can use to help with your betting. Their content also caters to a wide range of bettors, be it for beginners or professional bettors. Heck, they even have an entire article about how to become a professional sports bettor!

Aside from betting tips and advice, their blog also provides entertaining articles about other topics related to sports betting. Visit their blog and see for yourself!

Final Verdict: VOdds — a Great Platform for Smart Punters

For a betting platform that’s new to the scene, VOdds can and will meet your expectations in terms of reeling in great profits. That is, however, if you can figure out how to strategically utilise their platform efficiently. Hence, VOdds is worth a try especially if you want to make the most out of your wagers. 

If you want all the multiple accounts to end, you should definitely register with VOdds right now.