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100 metres hurdles European Championships Odds

Who wins 100 metres hurdles women?

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Athletics for women: 100 metre hurdles


As evident from its name, the event includes hurdles of a size of 83.8cm on a track of 100 metres which the women have to overcome. Special detectors placed on the blocks and in the starting pistol, measure the "reaction time". If its <0.1, then the start is considered to be false, the athlete is recalled from running and is also disqualified.

All the hurdles are placed at a distance of 8.5m from each other, while it takes 13m to reach the first and 10.5m to reach the finish line from the last one. A runner is not disqualified if she touches the hurdles, but this can happen in the case she steps out of her lane, that's why the hurdles are designed in a way if touched they gets knocked down easily thus allowing the athlete to continue running without any delay.

The Past:

Well its history can be tracked down back to the England of 1830s, from where it evolved from wooden barriers being placed along a 100 yard stretch. The event was part of the first Women’s World Games of 1922, and a little altered version of the race (reduced to 80m) was also included in the 1932 Olympics which was later increased to 100m at the 1972 Olympics.

Interesting Trivia:

As mentioned earlier, an athlete is not disqualified if she knocks down a hurdle, but same was not the case back in & up to 1935, whereby knocking down of 3 or more hurdles used to result in immediate disqualification.

Yordanka Donkova

The Bulgarian hurdling athlete won an Olympic gold medal in 1988 and set 4 100 m hurdles world records. Her final world record, a time of 12.21 also set in 1988, remained unbeaten for about 28 years, and was finally broken in 2016 by Kendra.

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