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100 metres hurdles women European Championships

Who wins 100 metres hurdles women?

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2018 European Championships

“The European Championships” is the first and a new edition of a multi-sports event that combines all the existing Europeans Championships to come together to form a single sports event. The European Athletic Championships is of course not exempted from this event.

Women’s 100 Meters Hurdle

100 meters hurdle is a track and field sport event that is usually ran by women, it is a race done by running and jumping over obstacles known as Hurdles. Ten hurdles with a height of 83.8 centimeters are arranged along a straight line on a 100 meters track.  The first hurdle is placed at a 13 meters distance from the starting line, while the remaining nine hurdles are placed at an 8.5 meters distance apart from each other. The distance between 10th hurdle which is the last hurdle, and the finish line is 10.5 meters. The 10 hurdles are set in a way that they can easily fall over if an athlete runs into them. So, knocking out of hurdles intentionally, failure to jump over, or jumping under hurdles leads to disqualification of an athlete from the race. Bumping into the hurdles accidentally does not lead to disqualification, but the hurdles are quite weighted so knocking them over can be quite unfavorable. The world’s 100 meters hurdle record for women was set by Kendra Harrison from the United States Of America in 12.20 seconds. The 100 Meters Hurdle for women in the Europeans Championships started in 1969 and was held every four years till it was changed to every two years in 2010. The top women hurdlers with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from 2010 are listed below:

•2010: Gold medalist- Nevin Yanit from Turkey. Silver medalist-  Derval O’Rourke from Ireland. Bronze medalist- Carolin Nytra from Germany.

•2012: Gold medalist- Alina Talay from Bulgaria.  Silver medalist – Katsiaryna Paplauskaya from Bulgaria. Bronze medalist – Beate Schrott from Austria.

•2014:  Gold medalist – Tiffany Porter from Great Britain. Silver medalist – Cindy Billaud from France. Bronze medalist – Cindy Roleder from Germany.

•2016: Gold medalist – Cindy Roleder from Germany. Silver medalist – Alina Talay from Bulgaria.  Bronze Medalist – Tiffany Porter from Great Britain.

2018 Europeans Athletic Championships  - Women’s 100 meters hurdle

The women’s 100 meters hurdle race for the Europeans Athletic Championships, which is part of the great multi-sports event “2018 European Championships” will consist of three rounds. The three rounds are: Round one (pre-qualification), semifinals, and the finals. Every athlete qualified for the 100 meters hurdle except the top twelve athletes from the members federation, which will held on the second day of the event(8th of August) at 10:10 AM. All the top twelve athletes from the member federations and the top athletes from the pre-qualification round will then compete together in the semifinals, which will be held on the 3rd day of the event (9th of August 2018) at 19:25 PM.  The top athletes for the semi-finals will now compete together again for the finals on the same day, but in the evening at 21:50. The top three athletes to receive the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be chosen from this round.  


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