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Why do punters get better odds if they use a bonus?

When the first bookmaker appeared in the United Kingdom at the end of the 18th century, it was very limited in offering options. The first sport that people started to place bets on was horse racing. Some traces of betting existed even earlier, but we are talking about the civilized environment.

Of course, betting at that time was very primitive and gradually improved as time passed. The second half of the 20th century can be deemed as the “golden age” for casinos and the 21st century - for online casinos. The development of the Internet played a huge role in improving the popularity of them.

Nowadays a lot of online casinos are willing to offer their customers bonuses for various reasons. Firstly for raising popularity, of course, and it is a very clever marketing strategy. Punters actually get better odds if they decide to use a bonus.

Newly-emerged casinos widen their exposure

Casinos do not mind offering bonuses and better odds to players as soon as they become regular customers, and the popularity of their brand is enhanced. This applies to the casinos that are still in their infancy. The current fact was typical for Canada - the country which can currently boast with one of the wealthiest environments in the casino industry. In the beginning, casino promotions for Canadian players offered a variety of choices and better odds. Some players were surprised by this fact, but eventually, they decided to make use of the promotions. Plenty of them managed to make a fortune.

Casinos want to popularize local players

Sometimes better odds based on specific bonuses can include a particular player or a team. Casinos want to popularize a player and attract more customers. For instance, when Egyptian Mohamed Salah transferred to Liverpool from Roma in 2017, he became one of the pivotal players for the Merseyside club. He broke records and scored a lot of goals and Egyptian online casinos, which are not many in the country decided to place special bonuses on Liverpool because of Salah, with better odds, of course.

Welcome bonus

While some of the players indeed enjoy the bonuses offered from casinos, they can use it only under special circumstances, which can be the amount of money or the number of odds the player decides to bet. One of the most popular bonuses is a welcome bonus which further encourages players to try betting not only on football matches but also play slots, poker and other games. A casino is ready to make such concessions only if a player himself meets the special requirements.

Casinos are aware of the psychological factors

Casinos know the psychology of people perfectly. They understand that every person is interested when they discover something related to “bonus”, “promotion”, “better odds”. They are already interested in a casino’s service, and a customer thinks that he or she might be a lucky person to seize the opportunity and try the offer. Nothing is guaranteed when you are betting on matches, and the risk is associated with playing - like with everything in life and owners of casinos understand that people are always open towards any “free money” gambling websites offer them.


Reviewing the bonuses and better betting options we can make one thing clear - one of the main ideas behind this strategy from casinos is the exposure of their popularity and the ones that are still fresh and want to establish themselves in the harsh competition of gambling entities, providing bonuses could be one of the most reasonable things a casino can do.