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5000 metres women European Championships 2018

Who wins 5000 metres women?

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The European Athletics Championships 5000 Meters Women’s Event

The European Athletics Championships is a sports event organized and held every two years by the European Athletics Association, and the first edition was held at Turin in 1938. This year 2018 the event will now take part in a new multi-sports event coming up in August. The multi-sports event is a new addition to Germany’s Sports record, as it is the combination of all the existing Europeans Championships. The game is assured to be one of its kind in the history of Germany with more than 1700 athletes from over 50 Nations, and over 300,000 spectators.

5000 Meters Women’s Race

The 5000 meters race, also 3.11 miles is one of the common long distance running in the track and field athletics. It is ran over some 12.5 laps of the standard track (400 meters), and it was first held for women at the 1996 Olympics Summer Game in Atlanta, United States. It was used to replace the 3000 meters then and there was a total of 46 athletes from 35 nations, and out of which Wang Junxia from China was the top athlete and the first woman to receive a gold medal in the 5000 meters race. The 5000 meters is mainly ran as an outdoor event, but sometimes it is ran on an indoor track. Women’s 5000 meters race in the “Europeans Athletics Championships” started in 1998 at the 17th edition of the sports event, which was held in Budapest the capital city of Hungary.  With 44 nations in attendance, Sonia O’Sullivan from Ireland emerged the Gold medalist. Since the 1998, it was held every four years till it was changed to every two years in 2010. The gold, silver, and bronze medalists since the year 2010 are listed below:

•2010: Gold medalist – Elvan Abeylegesse from Turkey. Silver medalist -  Sara Moreira from Portuguese. Bronze medalist – Jessica Augusto from Portuguese.

•2012: Gold medalist – Olga Golovkina from Russia. Silver medalist – Lyudmyla Kovalenko from Ukraine. Bronze Medalist -  Sara Moreira from Portuguese.

•2014:  Gold medalist – Meraf  Bahta from Sweden. Silver medalist – Sifan Hassan from Nederland. Bronze medalist – Susan Kuijken from Nederland.

•2016: Gold medalist – Yasemin Can from Turkey. Silver medalist – Meraf Bahta from Sweden. Bronze Medalist – Steph Twell from Great Britain.

2018 5000 meters women race

The 2018 Women’s 5000 meters race for the “2018 European Athletics Championships” will consist of only one round because it a long distance running and will be held on the 6th day of the event which will come up by 20:55 PM. The athletics event is slated to be staged at the Olympics stadium (Olympiastadion) in Berlin, Germany. The largest stadium in Germany for sporting events with a 74, 475 seats capacity. The preparation for the event is going steady, all hands are on deck, and the tickets are already available for sale. It is a must watch and must attend sport event that will raise the status of the European Championships, and an avenue to celebrate the thrilling moments that will shape champions.


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