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4 x 100 metres relay women European Championships

Who wins 4 x 100 metres relay women?

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The Europeans Athletic Championships

The Europeans Athletics Championships used to be a single sports event that was organized by the European Athletics. However this year, it will be joined with a bigger sports event “2018 European Championships” which will consist of all European Championships already in existence. This sports event will come up in August and will be staged at the Olympic stadium (Olympiastadion) in Germany, which is the largest stadium in Germany. The stadium is also well known across the world for hosting a lot of sporting event, and for its rich records.  The event promises to an interesting and exciting one as more than 1,600 athletes from over 50 Nations will be in attendance.

Women’s 4 x 100 meters relay

The 4 x 100 meters relay also known as sprint relay, is a race where four members in a team take turns in completing a 400 meters track I.e. each person will complete 100 meters each. Each athlete will carry a relay baton that will be passed to the next runner on the track. The world’s record for women which is 40.82 seconds was set by the team from The United States Of America in the 2012 London Olympics. The 4 x 100 meters started in 1969 and was held every 4 years till it was changed to every two years in 2010. Each team from different countries that received the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals  from 2010 till date are listed below:

•2010:  Gold Medalists - Russia: Tatyana Firova, Anastasiya Kapachinskaya, Antonina Krivoshapka, and Kseniya Ustalova. 

Silver Medalists -  Germany: Janin Lindeberg, Esther Cremer, Fabienne Kohlmann and Claudia Hoffman.

Bronze Medalists – Great Britain: Nicola Sanders, Marilyn Okoro, Perri-shakes Drayton, and Lee McConnell.

•2012: Gold Medalists – Ukraine: Yuliya Olishevka, Olha Zemylak, Nataliya Pyhyda, and Alina Lohvynenko.

Silver Medalists – France: Phara Anacharsis, Lenora Guion-Firmin, Marie Gayot, and Flora Guei.

Bronze Medalists – Czech Republic: Nataliya Pyhyda, Hrystyna Stuy, Olha Zemlyak,  Hanna Ryzhykova.

•2014: Gold Medalists – France: Marie Gayot, Muriel Hurtis-Houairi, Agnes Raharolahy, and Floria Guei.

Silver Medalists  - Ukraine: Nataliya Pryshchepa, Hrystyna Stuy, Hanna Ryzhykova, and Olha Zemlyak.

Bronze Medalists – Great Britain: Shana Cox, Kelly Massey, Eilidh Child, and Margaret Adeoye.

•2016: Gold Medalists – Great Britain: Emily Diamond, Eilidh Doyle, and Anyika Onuora.

Silver Medalists – France: Flora Guei, Marie Gayot, Brigitte Ntiamoah, and Phara Anacharsis.

Bronze Medalists – Italy: Bazzoni Libania Grenot, Maria Enrica, Maria Chigbolu and Spacca Chiara.

Women’s 4 x 100 Meters Relay Race

The women’s 4 x 100 meters relay for the 2018 Europeans Athletic Championships will consist of just two rounds; Round one, and the finals. The round one will kick off on the last day of the event which is 12th of August 2018 by 19:30 PM. The top athletes from the round one will then compete together in the finals which will be held on the last day of the event too by 21:20 PM. The top three from this round will then emerge as the winners and will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals according to their ranks.