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20km women European Championships Odds

Who wins Women's 20km Walk?

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Athletics for Women: 20 kilometres Race Walk


Unlike running, race walking requires participants to keep 1 foot always in contact with the ground. Failing to comply with this rule is called ‘lifting’.

Also, the advancing leg must straighten from the point of contact and remain straight until the body passes over it. 3 violations of the rules during the competition disqualify the athlete.

Usually run as a road race, historically at major running and sporting events it has finished inside the main stadium, although at several recent international championships there have been historic or scenic interest finishes.

The Past:

Its origins can be traced back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The event 1st appeared at the Olympics in 1904 with a 1/2-mile race that was part of the ten-event All-Around Championship (an early precursor of the decathlon). Individual races (initially over shorter distances), were introduced at the Intercalated Games of 1906 and have been a fixture at the World Championships and Olympics ever since, apart from the 1928 Summer Olympics.

At first, the women contested the 10 kilometres race walk starting with the 1992 Summer Olympics, which was latter stepped up to 20 kilometres in 2000.

Gold Standard:

China are currently dominating in both the men’s and women's 20 kilometres events.


Liu Hong

As said earlier, China is among the dominating nations in the sport, and Liu is the proof of that. She owns a full set of medals from the World Championships. She took bronze in '09 and silver in '11. After another bronze in '13, she finally won gold at the '15 edition, having set a world record for the 20 kilometres distance earlier in the year.

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