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20km women European Championships 2018 Odds

Who wins Women's 20km Walk?

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2018 European Athletics Championship- women’s 20km race.

The European athletics championship is an athletic event that has been going on for some time now and started as far back as 1937 and was organized every 4 years back then but in the year 2010 it was made a 2-year event and has produced a lot of medalists, the next one is to be hosted in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe which is the great city of Berlin in Germany and will see over 4500 athletes from the 51-member countries of the European athletics Federation. This particular one is a special one since the European Athletics Championship will be merging up with the European championship for its maiden edition and will be held in two countries. The event is slated to take place from the 2nd of August 2018 and end on the 12th August 2018 with the first part of the event being held in the fabulous city of Glasgow in Scotland while the athletics events which commence from the 7th of August through the 12th is to be held in the magnificent city of Berlin in Germany.

The stadium that will play host to this event is the Olympiastadion also known as the Olympic stadium and it is definitely no newcomer to the attention that it is going to get since it has hosted a lot of other important sporting events over the years such as the 2006 world cup final and some very recent events such as the UEFA champions league final clash in 2015. The entry of this game is reserved only for members of the European Athletics Federation, the brand-new event is slated to be held every 4 years with the exception of some very special events such as cycling, gymnastics, rowing, and triathlon which are to be held every year.

The very first championship was hosted by Italy in 1934 and this 24th edition will be hosted by Berlin. The Olympia Stadion which is where most of the events will be taking place is well known for hosting equally record-breaking report events including the 2006 Fifa World Cup Final, the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final as well as the 2009 IAAF World Championship.

There's an expected boost in broadcast coverage compared to what was seen in 2014 which was when the last events were held. Also expected at this year's event are international athletes like Mo Farah, Nafi Thiam, Sandra Perkovic, Anita Wlodarczyk and Adam Kszczot.

20km Women's Race

The women’s 20 kilometers race will consist of three rounds.  The preliminaries, the semi-finalist round and the final rounds. According to the calendar of events, the preliminaries just like every other round will take place at the Olympia station and will happen a day before the main event kicks off. The semifinals and finals will hold on the same day which is the 8th of August. You can now cop your tickets to watch the women  20km race and other amazing sports the European Athletic Championships promises to bring our way.