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Hammer Throw men World Championships Odds

Who wins Men's Hammer Throw at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

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British Hammer thrower says World Championships is his main focus this year

After acquiring a win at the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge, Nick Miller has started this year's campaign at a great note. And now he's focused on getting into shape for this year's World Championships due to be held in Doha.

In the Brazil's event, Nick threw 73.81m finishing ahead of his Hungarian and Belarusian opponents. Who both came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

As said earlier, it provided Nick with a great start that he really needed, the Britisher himself admitted that he is not at the best of his game this year yet, but this victory attained throw consistent performance has really been a morale booster for him, which was down due to the setbacks that he faced earlier this year owing to his injuries.

The 26 year old further said that he's currently working on his fitness and building himself back up, and he'll soon get there if only he remains patient.

Talking about the Brazil event, Nick expressed his happiness about meeting his old opponents; he also expressed his delightness at his victory.

His winning throw of 73.81m was more than six metres short of the record-breaking throw which saw him take Commonwealth Games gold last April.

Nick will hope and want to be in a similar kind of strength during the World Championships, so that he's able to throw similar kind of distances. Addressing this issue Nick said, that he'll be brainstorming about which of the upcoming competitions he'll take part in.

He further said, since the season is going to be a long one, so well detailed planning of training needs to be done in order to keep his energy intact for the championship.

Nick is among the British athletes to have been selected for the Halle Throws International. He'll take part in the event that'll run from June 1 to 2.


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