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400 metres hurdles women European Championships

Who wins 400 metres hurdles women?

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The Europeans Athletic Championships

The year’s Europeans Athletic Championships will be part of the much-anticipated multi-sports event that will take place in Berlin, Germany. The stated date for the event is 7th of August to 12th of August 2018. The event is the combination of all the existing Europeans Championships. The event will be staged at Olympiastadion, the greatest stadium in Germany and one of the most known stadia in the world for sporting events.

The Women’s 400 meters hurdle

The 400 meters hurdle for women was first held in 1971. Then later in 1974, The International Association Of Athletics Federations (IAAF) reintroduced it as an official discipline. The 400 meters hurdling game is one of the most challenging of all the hurdling events. It requires a lot of endurance, focus, hurdling techniques, speed, and concentration. The current world record of the 400 meters hurdling was set in 2003 by Yuliya Pechonkina from Russia. The 400 meters hurdle for women in the Europeans Athletic Championships started in 1978 in the 12th edition that was held from 29th to the 3rd of September 1978. It took place in the Stadion Evzena Rosickeho in Prague, which is the capital city of Czech Republic. Since then it was held every four years before it was changed to every two years in 2010 which was the 20th edition of the event. The top athletes who received the gold, silver, and bronze medals from till 20th edition till date are listed below:

•2010: Gold medalist – Natalya Antyukh from Russia. Silver medalist – Vania Stambolova Bronze medalist -  Peri Shakes-Drayton from Great Britain

•2012: Gold medalist – Irina Davydova from Russia. Silver medalist – Denisa Rosolova from the Czech Republic. Bronze medalist – Hanna Yaroshchuk from Ukraine.

•2014: Gold medalist -  Eilidish Child from Great Britain. Silver medalist – Anna timmets from Ukraine. Bronze medalist – Irina Davydova from Russia.

•2016: Gold medalist – Sara Petersen from Denmark. Silver medalist – Joanna Linkiewicz from Poland. Bronze medalist – Lea Sprunger from Switzerland.

2018 Women’s 400 meters hurdle

The women’s 400 meters hurdle will consist of three rounds, which are: the pre-qualification round, the semifinals, and the finals. The pre-qualification round is done to determine the athletes that will be qualified to compete in the next round. The pre-qualification round will take place on the first day of the event (7th of August 2018), by 10:00 AM. However, top twelve athletes from the member federations will not participate in the pre-qualification round, so they automatically qualify for the semifinals. The semifinals will take place on the 2nd day of the program at 19:10 PM. There will be three semifinals, so the top two athletes from each of the semifinals round and the overall top two in the semifinals will qualify for the finals. The finals will be held on the 5th day of the event (11th Of August 2018) at 20:20 PM. Then the top three from the finals will emerge as the winners to receive the Gold, Silver, and, Bronze medals respectively.