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400 metres hurdles women European Championships

Who wins 400 metres hurdles women?

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Athletics for Women: 400 metres hurdles


The most demanding event involves 10 hurdles placed at the same distance from each other, stretched over a track of 400 metres. Every athlete’s runs in his own designated lane.

Special detectors are placed on the blocks to measure the athletes reaction time, if its <0.100 than all the participating athletes are called back and the one responsible for the false start is disqualified from the event. Another way an athlete can get disqualified is if he/she steps out of his/her lane.

Unlike men whose hurdles are 91.4cm in size, women hurdles are not that high with a height of about 76.2cm. The hurdles gets easily knocked down when touched, thus enabling the runner to continue running without any delay.

The Past:

The event's history dates back to the 1860’s Oxford, England. Participants had to negotiate wooden hurdles of 100cm in size, engulfed in the ground.

Women first officially contested the event at the 1984 Summer Olympics, more than 8 decades after the debut of men at the event.

Interesting Trivia:

Have you ever heard the name Moutawakel, we'll she was the winner of the event at the 1984 Summer Olympics, making her the 1st champ from an Islamic nation, as well as the 1st African female Olympic champ.

Gold Standard:

Unlike their Men companions who have won eighteen Olympic titles, America’s women have never won Olympic gold but they remain one of the stronger nations, along with Jamaica.


Sally Gunnell

It’s alright if you haven't heard the last name but have you ever heard this name, Sally Gunnell, the Brit is one of the most iconic athlete of her country ever, ruling the event between '92 & '94, she is the only female British athlete to simultaneously hold Olympic, world, European and Commonwealth titles.

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