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Hammer Throw women odds

Who wins Women's Hammer Throw?

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Athletics for Women: Hammer Throw


The competitors throw a metal ball, weighing four kilogram (for women) & attached to a grip by a steel wire no longer than 1.22 metres, as far as possible while remaining inside a 3.5ft radius circle.

A throw is only counted, if the ball lands inside a marked thirty-five-degree sector and the competitor does not leave the circle before it has landed, and then only from the rear half of the circle.

The thrower usually makes 3 or 4 spins before releasing the ball. The competitors will commonly throw 4-or-6/competition. If there is a tie between athletes, the winner will be that athlete which has the next-best score.

The Past:

The event's origins can be traced back to approximately 2000BC; the modern version of the discipline is one of the oldest of Olympic Games competitions, 1st contested by men at the 1900 games in Paris.

Women's version of the event was 1st included in the 2000 Summer Olympics.


Yipsi Moreno

Since the introduction of the women’s version of the event at major championships, few can match the record of the powerful Cuban hammer thrower. She won world titles in '01, '03 and '05 and earned Olympic silver medals in '04 and '08.

Anita Włodarczyk

Considered the best women’s hammer thrower ever, she won the event's titles at the '12 and '16 Olympics and is the 1st woman to score a throw over eighty metres; she currently holds the women's world record of 82.98 metres.

Betty Heidler

The German athlete who competed in the event won the world title in '07 and held the world record from '11 until '14 with her personal best throw of 79.42 metres.

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