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Hammer Throw women European Championships 2018

Who wins Women's Hammer Throw?

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European Athletics Championships - Women's Events Hammer

August is a month to look forward to in the European sporting calendar, as major changes on the sports scene has birthed a world-class event. The European Championships which is a new multi-sport event would see seven of the most popular European sports being merged into a single event. The European Championships after its inaugural outing in August 2018, will be held every four years. It will bring together all of Europe's finest sportsmen, as they compete for medals. The seven sports that make up the championships are golf, aquatics, gymnastics, athletics, rowing, cycling and triathlon. The aim of the championships is to create a bigger followership for these sports.

To be staged in two of Europe's leading sporting cities of Berlin, Germany and Glasgow, Scotland; it promises to be a world-class event. Athletics will be staged in Berlin while the other six events will take place in Glasgow. Olympiastadion will be the venue for all athletic events asides race walking and road races. Leading European athletes are gearing up for the event and athletes such as Robert Harting, Sandra Perkovic, Mo Farah, Adam Kszczot and Dafne Schippers are all expected to grace the championships.

Woman's Hammer Event 

Hammer will be one of the field events under athletics. The hammer event is divided into men and women categories. For the women event, athletes will throw a metal ball attached to a grip by a steel wire. The ball weighs 4kg/8.8lb for the women category. The steel wire also would not be longer than 1.22m. The athletes throw the metal ball for distance, without moving out of the seven-foot diameter circle, during the throw.

In the course of the throw, the thrower is to make three or four spins before realising the ball. For any throw to be valid and measured, the ball must settle into the marked 35-degree sector. The athlete must also not go out of the circle before the ball lands, and can only leave from the rear half of the circle after the ball lands.

Athletes will be allowed four or six throws off competition. In the event of a tie; the tie is broken by giving both athletes another throw.

There will be three rounds of the hammer event at the European Athletics Championships, with two qualifying rounds and one final round. The first round will come up on 10 August, day 4 of the championships. This will be at 10:00. The second will be on the same day at 11:30. The final will then be on 12 August, day 6 of the championships at 19:30

 This championship is one to look forward to, as going by the reputation of the stadium, records are sure to be broken. Over 1600 European athletes are expected at the event, with at least 300,000 viewers expected from all over the world. Also over 150,000 tickets have been sold, a record number.


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