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The kinds of gamification that can be used in online casinos

Gamification In Gambling: Enhancing Player Engagement And Loyalty

How to solve problems in GAMBLING through gamification

The gambling industry keeps evolving more and more every year. A couple of years ago, an unsophisticated user could be enticed by the availability of games from well-known providers, but the situation has changed. Many gamblers have started using only well-known online casinos (you can read more about this term at: At the same time, they register accounts at various establishments to get the maximum benefit with a welcome bonus. Because of this, many companies wonder how to keep their customers from competitors. Gamification is a great tool to help engage gamblers in the gameplay process. This article will talk in detail about what it is and what its most common forms can be found in online establishments.

What Is Gamification?

Today gamification is understood to be a process that involves introducing gambling elements into technologies unrelated to the gambling sphere. These may include education, health care, and other various commercial activities. An online casino is a perfect example of a business that uses this technology continuously. Its main objectives can include:

  • increasing customer engagement;

  • attracting a new audience;

  • awakening interest in the product;

  • improving user loyalty.

There are three main principles that gamification uses to achieve the goals set. The first is motivation. Casino users must be motivated to interact because it is often pleasant for people to achieve specific goals and receive certain prizes. The same applies to the sphere of online casinos. Many companies develop special rewards for participating in promotions or active gambling, making the betting process more exciting and varied.

The second important principle is unexpected rewards. Reload bonuses are a great example. Many online establishments use them. Users receive lovely little gifts at moments when they are not expecting them. And this, in turn, encourages even greater motivation to play.

And the last, and not insignificant, aspect is the status principle. Every person in his real life strives to become the best at what he does. The same principle is valid for online casinos. To meet this need of users, companies introduced exceptional bonus levels in their products, which one can get by achieving specific goals. You can get acquainted with the principles of the loyalty program by studying the complete information about the project. Often, you can find it in the tab with the bonuses.

Types Of Gamification In Online Casinos

Many companies have proven by their example that gamification is the most profitable solution. There are several reasons for this. One of the main points is engagement. Sites and apps gamification helps create perfect player motivation, attraction, and retention systems. From a psychological point of view, different games produce the pleasure hormone using certain victories; that's why its principles turn ordinary routine bets in a casino into a fascinating and outstanding process that brings even more positive emotions. As for the implementation of gamification in online casinos, the following types are common in the industry:


Bonuses and Rewards

Many users point out that today companies offer customers to receive a bonus even for their registration. This reward option allows to boost customers' interest as well as to increase their engagement. In addition to the initial bonus, the following types of rewards are used: free reel spins in slots, deposit multipliers, cashback, and many more.

Tournaments & Contests

All major online establishments invite users to participate in various tournaments with the possibility to receive lucrative gifts. They can include various rewards from free spins to certain amounts of money. During such contests, gamblers compete with each other for the title of the best. It should be noted that they can be held as a one-time event, as well as in the form of regular promotions.

Levels and Achievements

Many large online casinos have their VIP system, which enables players to get certain statuses. Gamblers can advance to new levels by funding their accounts and playing actively. This opens access to quite valuable rewards: new games, bonuses, increased amounts of cashback, etc.

Live Dealer Games

The introduction of live gaming in online casinos was the perfect decision because it gave users the possibility to enjoy a realistic experience at a poker or blackjack table from the comfort of their homes. Users play along with the real croupiers who are in the studio. The betting process itself becomes more interesting and entertaining, and it makes the customer more involved in the game.


These gamification options are considered the most common in online casinos. However, we can point out other principles that online gambling establishments implement:

  1. Interaction with other gamblers. Some venues allow users to communicate via a particular chat room. Certain establishments adopt the pattern of adding gamers as friends. This gamification makes you feel part of the community and inspires you to play more.

  2. Personalization. Companies can use a customer's personal information to make the gameplay fun. For example, if a gambler often spends time playing slots with high stakes, the casino may offer them special bonuses.

Playing at the casino has become profitable and very pleasant thanks to the above. You only need to choose a good establishment. You can take advantage of SlotsUp - play slots and read experts reviews. This platform helps to learn all the relevant online gambling information. Users can read reviews of different online platforms and developers of slots, as well as the characteristics of certain games. This site can be used as a free anonymous advice chat because it collects only relevant and essential information for gamblers.

Why Is Gamification The Ideal Solution For Online Casinos

Why Is Gamification The Ideal Solution For Online Casinos

Many reputable companies already use this system; you can see from their example that it works. Many newbies participate in special gamification conferences to see what it can bring to their business (you can read more about this concept at: The first thing worth noting is the constant growth of active users. Thus, the income of the company will be constantly increasing. Another critical point is the simplicity of integration. Providers can easily incorporate its elements into aspects of their services through a loyalty program or various promotions.