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Marathon women European Championships 2018 Odds

Who wins Women's marathon?

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2018 European Athletics Championships – Women’s Marathon

2010 saw the birth of the European Athletics Championships, and it was an athletic event that took place biennially and organized by the European Athletics. However, from 2018, there are indications that it be part of a much bigger event, referred to as the European Championships, which is a new multi-sport event that will take place every 4 years, hence, it will bring changes to the European sporting calendar.

The aim of the European Championships is to have every European Champions of some of the top sports available on the continent, including cycling, rowing, athletics, gymnastics, triathlon, aquatics and golf. The maiden edition of the European Championships will begin in August; it will take place both in Germany (Athletics) and Scotland (Other Sports). This event will be between August 2 and 12.

Berlin 2018 will take place from August 7 to 12 and will use the Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) in Berlin. This stadium is known for its prestige, and also for being one with a lot of records and rich history. The 2015 UEFA Champions League Final, 2006 FIFA World Cup Final, and other events have been held there.

There will be over 1,500 athletes among which are World and Olympic champions from the member states in the European Athletics Federation championships. This competition will be a unique one because it will have the presence of international superstars including Anita Wlodarczyk, Adam Kszczot, Dafne Schippers, Sandra Perkovic, Nafi Thiam, Renaud Lavillenie, Mo Farah, and GianmarcoTamberi. Other homegrown athletes including Julian Reus, Thomas Rohler, and Christophe Harting are expected to grace the occasion too.

The event will feature track and field events which will include relays, throws, sprints, road races, middle and long-distance races, combined events, and jumps.

Women’s Marathon

The competitions by the European Marathon Cups include the national women’s teams and will be integrated into the European Athletics Championships marathon event. The Women’s marathon has only the final round and no entry standards. The women marathon team is required to have a minimum of three and a maximum of six runners. Women getting involved in marathons began in 1896 when Stamata Revithi ran the marathon distance; however, it was not made official. Other notable dates that pioneered the women marathon include 1918 when Marie-Louise Ledru completed a marathon; Violet Piercy was credited as being the first officially timed woman in a marathon in 1926, among others.

The European Marathon Cups women teams have continued working tirelessly to ensure that they are able to run the marathon optimally and come out tops. Everyone involved in the event is preparing for the event in earnest to enhance their performance. Tickets to the event are being sold, and very fast. The event promises to be one of color with the array of numerous European athletes, and it has enjoyed great publicity, and as such will be a spectacle seen by millions of people all around the world. This is a one of a kind championship event to look forward to.

The event is slated for the 6th day of the event- Sunday, 12th August 2018, at 09:30.