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Marathon women World Championships Odds

Who wins Women's marathon?

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World Championships in Athletics for Women: Marathon


With an official distance of about 42km, the marathon is the longest running race at the Olympics. Usually run as a road race, historically at major running and sporting events it has finished inside the main stadium, although at several recent international championships there have been city centre finishes.

The Past:

Named after Philippedes's (a Greek soldier) 26-mile run from the battle of Marathon to Athens, where he announced that the invading Persians have been defeated. After accomplishing his mission, the messenger promptly died of exhaustion after having apparently also run 150 miles back from Sparta the day before.

The first modern Olympic Games organizers devised the race over 40 kilometres to celebrate the glory of Ancient Greece.

The distance then was extended to 26 miles at the 1908 Summer Olympics, and increased another 385 yards due to some other reasons. It was standardized at 26m 385y (42.195km) in 1921.


Paula Radcliffe

After a successful track and cross country career, Paula moved up to the marathon in '02 and set a glittering world record of 2:15:25 at the '03 London Marathon. The British runner also won the '05 world title and triumphed in a number of other big city marathons in Chicago and New York. The only medal she has so far failed to acquire is an Olympic medal.

Rose Chelimo

The Kenyan-born Bahraini long-distance runner is the 2017 IAAF world champion. She also represented her country at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, placing 8th in the women's marathon.

Edna Ngeringwony Kiplagat

The Kenyan long-distance runner is the '11 and '13 IAAF World Champion in the marathon. She established herself as an elite marathon runner with wins at the Los Angeles and New York City Marathons in 2010.

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