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5000 metres men European Athletics Championships Odds

Who wins 5000 metres men at the European Athletics Championships 2018?

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Mahiedine Mekhissi and Alina Reh are Gunning for Glory in Berlin 2018
Europan Athletics Championship – 5000 metres race

It seems that 2018 is the year of the Sport. Besides the fact that we have the World Cup in Russia this summer there are also other major events that will attract the attention of the fans worldwide. One notable event that is coming this August is the European Athletics Championship. This major event will bring together 4500 athletes and 52 nations and they will compete across the seven competitive categories. One notable event is the men and women 5000m contest.

It will be interesting to see how the participants will perform in this competition as the legendary four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah is now retired from the track.

Many pundits have their own favourites that can take the role of being the hot pick and many of the participants see their chance in this post-Farah era.

One notable athlete that will play a major role in this race is Mahiedine Mekhissi. The French veteran runner has set his sights on winning a gold medal in European Athletics Championship. On that note, it is important to emphasize the he has numerous recognitions behind his name as he has won five European titles so far. Based on the information, the 33 years old veteran runner Mekhissi has been isolated lately as he actively prepares for the European Competition at the Mammoth Lake in California. However, the possible downside about Mekhissi can be the current level of his speed abilities. And although the 5000m discipline has more of the character of a middle distance, speed is as also a crucial element as in any race. Nevertheless, he still has some time to prepare as the 5000m final is on 11 August this year.

Regarding the Women 5000m contest, one notable athlete that has set her sights on the winning the gold is Alina Reh. The 20 years old runner is one of Germany main hopes for winning a medal at the European Athletics Championships. Moreover, Alina Reh claimed the 3000m and 5000m titles at the European Athletics U20 Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 2015. This early success can have a galvanizing effect on her self-confidence. Based on the recent results, it seems that Reh is in a good form heading into the 5000 meters race. One notable result was in her hometown in Ulm as, Alina Reh was able to break the German U23 record which was set in 1995. This race may be too early for her to reach glory, yet the general anticipation is that the German runner will have a significant role in the 5000m contest.

On a final note, we can conclude that the 5000 meters race will bring a lot of excitement for the fans around the world. By having an experienced veterans and young competitors, the European Championship will be a great platform on which the experience and youth will collide with the ultimate goal to reach glory.

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