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1500 metres women European Championships 2018

Who wins 1500 metres women?

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The 1500 Meters Event

The European Athletic Championships for the year 2018 is scheduled to hold on the 7th of August to 12th of August. The venue for the event will be at the Olympiastadion, a famous Olympic stadium with rich records in Berlin.   The European Championships is scheduled to be staged every four years, but this year 2018’s edition will be the first edition. Over 300,000 spectators from all over the world are expected to be present at the biggest Germany sporting event of the year. All the track and field events which include sprints, long distance and middle races, jumps, throws, and relays will take place at the stadium, while the road races and race walking will take place at different locations in the city which will be determined. The event will witness over 1,600 athletes from 50 countries that will participate and compete for medals in the various track and field events and other racing events.

The women's 1500 meters

The 1500 meters race at the World Championships in Athletics has been contested since 1983 till 2017. It is one of the most popular middle track events in the world of athletics. Athletes must possess speed and endurance, they must also be smart and have a good strategy as the race involves taking different speed at different point in time. The athletes pay great attention to not just the way they start but also their finish and therefore employ different methods at each stage. It has 2 qualifying rounds (Q and q) leading to a final round between twelve athletes. Tatyana Tomashova holds the world’s championship record for women in the year 2003 in 3:58.52 minutes. No athlete has been able to break this record so far.

The recorded gold, silver and bronze medalists for the 1500 meters European Athletic Championships right from 2010 are:

*2010: Gold medalist- Nuria Fernández from Spain

Silver medalist- Hind Dehiba from France

Bronze medalist- Natalia Rodríguez from Spain

*2012: Gold medalist- Nuria Fernández from Spain

 Silver medalist- Diana Sujew from Germany

 Bronze medalist- Tereza Čapková from Czechoslovakia

*2014: Gold medalist- Sifan Hassan from the Netherlands

 Silver medalist- Abeba Aregawi from Sweden

Bronze medalist- Laura Weightman from Great Britain

 *2016: Gold medalist- Angelika Cichocka  from Poland

Silver medalist- Sifan Hassan from Netherlands Bronze medalist-  Ciara Mageean from Ireland

*2018 European Athletics Championships – Women’s 400 meters

The 2018 European Championships” consists of 2 rounds, which are; The 2 qualifying rounds, and the finals. The qualification round will take place on August 10 at 12:00 PM. The first 2 in Q (the first qualifying round) and the fastest 3 in q (the second qualifying round) will now compete for the finals which will hold August 12, 20:35 PM.

To be eligible for this race, not more than 5 athletes and not more than 3 athletes are allowed to compete per member federation in each of the individual events of the European Athletics Championships. The athletes competing for the 1500 meters race are entered by a European Athletic Member Federation. There are exceptions to this rule though.


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