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Javelin throw women European Championships Odds

Who wins Women's Javelin throw?

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European Athletics Championships - Women's Events Javelin

The 24th edition of the European Athletics Championships is fast becoming the most memorable championships in recent history. This is even with the event still almost three months away. One of the unique features of this event is that it will be part of a bigger event this time. This is the European Championships, which is a new multi-sport event that would have seven different sports. It will have the separate championships of these sports merged into one big event. The event is scheduled to hold every four years starting August 2018. Coming up in August is the inaugural championship, It will hold in Scotland and Germany with sports including rowing, gymnastics, aquatics, athletics, cycling, triathlon, and golf with 4500 athletes from 52 nations competing for medals

Athletics will be staged in Berlin, Germany with other sports in Glasgow, Scotland. The Olympiastadion will host the athletic events, holding for six days from 7-12 August. There will be about seven events in athletics. The seven being sprints, middle/long distance races, jumps, throws, road, and combined events.

The throws include javelin, shot put, discus and hammer. The throws are divided into men and women categories and being field events would hold in the stadium.

Women's Javelin Event

Javelin is one of the throws which will be part of events at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin. A javelin is thrown within a predetermined area, and the candidate with the farthest throw wins. For this competition, the women would throw a javelin of international standard as set by IAAF. The javelin has is between 2.2m and 2.3m in length and 600g in weight. It also has a grip made of cord which is 150mm wide and located at the center of gravity of the javelin.

The athletes have a runway that is 4m in width and 30m in length ending in an arc, where the athletes make their throw from. For throws, the javelin must be held at the grip and thrown overhand. Overhand being over the athlete's upper arm or shoulder. Throwing it in any other manner is prohibited. Also, freestyle methods are not allowed for this competition, as athletes are not allowed to turn his back towards the direction of the throw. These rules are the standard rules and are to be used for the championships.

For the women's javelin event, there will be three rounds. Two qualifying rounds and one final. The first qualifying round on Day 3 of the championships, which is 9 August at 12:30. The second qualifying round follows on the same day at 14:00. With the final event coming up on Day 4, 10 August at 20:25.

Current European champion, Daphne Schippers of Netherlands, Rebekka Hasse of Germany, Carolle Zahi of France, Jamile Samuel of Netherlands with Ewa Swoboda of Poland and Naomi Sendey of Netherlands are amongst the javelin throwers who have qualified for the women's events in Berlin. Other big names are sure to emerge as the event draws closer.


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