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How much will sports betting change once everything opens up?

In the times of the Coronavirus, lockdown sports were canceled indefinitely. The damage brought by Covid-19 impacted not the only financial and social situation in the world, but major leagues as well. For instance, France’s top-flight Ligue 1 has been canceled with PSG becoming a champion. The NBA in the United States, the most affected country in the world, is halted.

Of course, bookmakers have also felt the harsh effects of the lockdown. With no major leagues to place bets, they saw a sharp decrease in the number of gamblers. Betting is highly likely to change after the quarantine, and in this article, we will talk about these possible changes.

Bookmakers may not pay attention to the “home factor” anymore

Germany’s Bundesliga has been the first major league to declare its intention about resuming professional football and on May 16 matches will take place. However, they will be played behind closed doors meaning that no spectators will be allowed. This will change a lot for the home team. Everyone knows that spectators are the “12th player”. Dortmund has probably one of the best supporters across Europe, and without their strong support, it is hard to talk about any advantage.

Small teams will also “suffer” from the lack of fans. Hence bookmakers will surely take this fact into account.

VIP status may be absent temporarily

VIP status plays an important role not only in casino games but also in betting. Based on how many results you guessed you are given VIP status. It is a widely approved strategy in numerous betting websites to encourage a customer to play more.

The first country that comes to mind, which is abundant in VIP online casinos is Canada. According to various researches, VIP casinos for Canadian players are the most not only in the country but in the region as well. Following the recent events of the lockdown, Andrew Stevenson, one of the employees of a Canadian casino, declared that due to the initial shape of soccer players they might contemplate pausing the VIP status for the time being and wait for 1 or 2 month. This will be a really nice decision to let athletes pick up the desired shape.

Websites may no longer accept predictions on transfers

The summer transfer window in football is nearing, but it is not clear how it will proceed. There have been complications in players’ contracts, wage deferrals, etc. This will undoubtedly have its toll on transfers. While every year, betting websites offer customers to place bets on possible transfers this summer could be an exception.

The exception goes not only to football but other sports as well, especially basketball. Most likely it will be a period of free transfers across the sports.

Betting could include additional options on Covid-19

This one seems funny and less likely to happen, but bookmakers may offer additional betting options on the coronavirus. Covid-19 has been a phenomenon in the world which caused a lot of trouble for the whole world. Yet when it is defeated there are possible threats of the “second wave” of the virus; thus it is logical for websites to introduce innovative choices for customers.


While there is still too early to talk about the resumption of sports and to open up everything, we could still imagine what will happen after everything is over. The gambling industry is one of the largest fields in the world, and no wonder it will pay close attention to the events taking place around the world. Everything is going to change, and sports betting is likely to change as well - at least temporarily.