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3000 metres steeplechase women Odds

Who wins 3000 metres steeplechase women?

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Athletics for Women: 3000m Steeplechase


Athletes make a bunched start in standing position and can break immediately for the inside. The no of laps depends on the position of the water jump; the participants must always clear twenty-eight fixed obstacles and 7 water jumps during the course of the race.

The women’s barriers are 30in (76mm) high. The water jump’s landing area is 12ft long and 70cm at its deepest.

The Past:

The origins of the event can be traced back to Britain; runners would race from the steeple of one town to the next, jumping barriers such as low walls and streams. The current event can be traced to the 2-mile steeplechases run at Oxford University in the 1850s. It was made a track event, with obstacles, at the 1879 English Championships.

The current version of the event for men has been part of the Olympics since 1900; however women were only able to contest as recently as 2008.

Gold standard:

Kenya is the dominant nation in the both men and women events, winning the past 6 men’s Olympic titles and taking thirteen of the eighteen medals on offer in those races.


Gulnara Galkina

Russia is also among the strongest nations in the women’s event and Gulnara is the proof of that. Since her arrival at the international stage in '03 with a world record, she improved on it in '04 before taking Olympic gold in 2008 Summer Olympics, becoming the 1st woman in history to cover the distance within 9 minutes.

Beatrice Chepkoech Sitonik

The Kenyan distance runner is the current world record holder in the event running 8:44.32 in '18. With that time she became the 1st woman to break 8:50 and 8:45.

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