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3000 metres steeplechase women Odds

Who wins 3000 metres steeplechase women?

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European Championship 2018 - 3000m Steeplechase Women

The European Athletics Championship which began in Turin in 1934 is now on its 24th edition which is slated to hold in Berlin from August 7th to 12th 2018. This Championship promises to be the biggest the world has ever seen, with a total of 50 medals, 1500 athletes, this 6 days world championship will be hosted at the prestigious Olympic Stadium Berlin, this stadium has a rich history and boasts as one of the most prestigious stadiums in the world. To mention a few, this stadium played host to the 2015 Champions League final and the 2006 World Cup final as well. This championship will offer viewers at home some of the very best sports, they include; rowing, athletics, gymnastics, cycling, triathlon, aquatic and golf. With athletes coming from the 51-member states, this championship promises to be the best thing that would happen this year.

3000m Women Steeplechase

This sport has its origin in Britain which was traced to Oxford University in the mid 19th century. This sport has been played by men since 1900 and it was not until 2008 that women were allowed to participate in this sport. At the European Championship, this sport will be in two rounds and athletes will have to compete against one another to win the medal. Runners will have to jump through seven waters and 28 barriers during the duration of the race. For the women barrier, it is fixed at 30inch (equivalent to 72.6m).

The first round of this race will kick off on the 4th day of the Championship and at exactly 12: 55 PM.. At 20:15PM, the final of the race will kick off on the 12th day of the Championship. All races will be held at the prestigious Olympic Stadium in Berlin. The final will see qualified athletes compete to win the gold, silver and bronze medals. Lovers of this race will find it interesting to know that the first Kenyan to win the gold medal for 3000cm Steeplechase in 1968 jumped through the water without stepping foot on any barrier. This happens to be one of the unique and most interesting highlights of this race and come August 10th, over 358 million individuals from around the world would be watching to see if the record or a replica of what Amos Biwott did in 1968 would repeat itself.

Gulnara Galkina became the first woman to cover the entire distance in nine minutes and this feat was achieved at the 2008 Beijing Championship where she went ahead to win the Olympic gold medal for that breathtaking performance. This piece will not be complete without mentioning some notable women, who have through various barriers become world famous Steeplechasers, some of them include; Celliphine Chespol, Aisha, Purity and a host of others. As this championship draws near, we can only imagine what these athletes have in store for us. We will also get to find out if the leading champions Russia and Kenya would be dethroned as the sport’s greatest nations.