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10,000 metres women European Championships Odds

Who wins 10,000 metres women?

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Athletics for Women: 10,000 m


The common long-distance track running event requires the participants to make 25 laps around an Olympic-sized 400 metres track. Athletes make a bunched start in standing position and can break immediately for the inside.

The Past:

The history of this event can be traced back to the days of Ancient Greeks, where they used to organize events similar to the long-distance races of today. During 1850's & 60', races for betting purposes were very popular in USA and Great Britain.

The men's version of the event has been part of the Olympics since 1912, however women 10,000m was not included until 1988.

Interesting Trivia:

An interesting thing happened at the 2004 Summer Olympics when Bekele won the event, he clocked at 53.02 in the final lap, a time fast enough to have taken the 3rd prize in the women’s 400m at the 1964 Games.

Gold standard:

Unlike their male companions, Ethiopia and China dominate the women's event.


Derartu Tulu

The Ethiopian champion, Derartu was the first woman to win two Olympic golds in the event, winning in '92 and '00. A similar feat was achieved by her niece Tirunesh who went on to winning in '08 and '12.

Almaz Ayana

Another long-distance champion from Ethiopia, Almaz holds the world track record of the event in 29m: 17.45s posted at 2016 Rio Olympics. At the 2017 World Championships, she won the top prize in the event, finishing forty-six sec ahead of the second runner.

Berhane Adere

She is from Ethiopia too; the long-distance runner was world champion over 10,000 metres in 2003. She also specializes in the half marathon and was world champion in it in the year of 2002. Now she works for UNICEF as a goodwill ambassador for girls' education.

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