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100 metres men European Athletics Championships

100 metres men

Who wins 100 metres men at the European Athletics Championships 2018?

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Jimmy Vicaut and Jak Ali Harvey Resume Their Rivalry at the 100 Meters Race - European Athletics Championship

The European Athletics Championship will bring more excitement this year as more than 4500 athletes will take part in various sporting contests. The tournament in Berlin will bring 52 nations together for a sports holiday where they will compete for glory and prestige. One notable event that will probably be in the mainframes of the fans attention is the 100 meters contest. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there will be some interesting names that will take part in this unique competition.

One of the main favourites for the gold medal in this race is Jimmy Vicaut. The French sprinter will be heading into the 100 meters race with some notable results under his belt. At the last European tournament in 2016, the 26 years old runner was able to finish at the 3rd spot. The bronze medal was a great success for the French athlete as he was an upcoming sprinter at the time.. Jimmy Vicaut is still in his prime years and one of the upcoming European stars. His participation at the 100 meters race can be one of most main factors about the direction his career will take in the future. He will surely be up for the challenge and the expectation is that the French athlete will do well. Vicaut will be one of the main favourites to win a medal of at the 100 meters race and it will be interesting to see how he will fare against some of his old rivals

One of those rivals is the Jak Ali Harvey. The Turkish runner is one of the most notable names on the list of participants of the 100 meters race in Berlin. The 29 years old athlete has been in fine form lately as his preparations are starting to show some solid results. Harvey took part at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Spain earlier this year, where he finished 1st at the 100 meters race. This was a very solid result after the disappointment at the World Championships in London where he finished the 100 meters challenge in 38.73 which was enough only for the 7th place. The European Athletics Championship will be a great opportunity for the Jamaican born runner as he is in his prime. With 29 years of age and vast experience at many major tournaments, Harvey might just have enough in the locker to pull out a great performance and win the 100 meters race at the European Athletics Championship.

On a conclusive note, we can acknowledge the importance of the 100 meters race for many athletes. With legends such as Bolt and their achievements, many current European sprinters have the ultimate dream to match those heights and possibly even go further and reach new frontiers in the Athletics world.