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100 metres men World Championships in Athletics

Who wins 100 metres men at the World Championships in Athletics 2019?

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This is the year of the IAAF World Athletics Championships, DOHA 2019. There is still a long way to go before the event begins, but apparently this event will be one of the most demanding events of the season. The standards to enter the championship have been modified and now they are more demanding with the runners.

The event begins on September 28 to October 6. As every time the event has the most important competition as  the Men's 100 meters and others. But we are going to focus only on the 100m and who are the best runners for this championship.

The favorites to win: Country and world ranking.

Christian Coleman (USA) (# 2): This young man is one of the greatest promises that currently exists to take over Usain Bolt's reign. Last year he established a 9.79 mark in the 100m indoor IAAF. It is not certain that he will have a DOHA participation for this year, but if it becomes available in some of your favorite bookies do not hesitate to make a stake of at least £ 100 pounds.

Ronnie Baker (USA) (# 1): Another young talent with aspirations to another year full of victories. Last year he closed the season with a medal at the IAAF Championship in London and in November set his best record with 9.87 in the 100 metres. Baker is a very talented promise, in addition to being talented in 4x400 and 200m.

Bingtian SU (CN) (# 3): Bingtian can probably qualify and reach DOHA but he will not be the favorite to win, obviously he can be in an accumulator as a finalist if that option is available in a bookie. Bingtian has two record one of indoor 60m and the mark of 9.91 in the 100 metres.

Reece Prescod (UK) (# 4): Prescod's mark is good for qualifying at 100m in DOHA, with 9.94 being the second fastest in the UK after Hughes. Prescod is much younger and has little experience, but it could be an inexperienced surprise this year in the championship.

Zharnel Hughes (UK) (# 6): This is the second most interesting talent we will have in the IAAF in case he can achieve the qualification. Hughes has good times (9.91) with three thousandths less than Prescod, but he is as young as Reece. In 2018 the two won medals (# 1 and # 2 place) in the European Championships of 2018 100m. Both have the same quality when running.

Yohan Blake (JAM) (# 7): The only oldest of all favorites. Yohan can be in the final if this year he improves his performance. Time is Blake's friend. So far the best mark for Blake is 9.94. That mark was established in Brussels in August of last year.

Who can win the IAAF World Athletics Championships, DOHA 2019.

The best bet is for United States sprinters. Christian Coleman is the favorite to win. But if it is possible to make a stake with the winning country, it is safest to choose United States as the winning country in the final 100 metres relay.

The new Standards affects the Odds.

This year we must watch closely the new modification that was made to the standards to qualify to the championship. The IAAF made a modification for the qualification to different events, for the 100 meters the federation decided to reduce two thousandths to the time necessary to qualify. The standard in 2017 was 10.12 (ten seconds and twelve thousand), now with the new modification for the 100 metres in 2019 the time to qualify for the event is 10.10.

This modification requires much more to runners, especially new ones who have no experience in quick adaptation prior to an international event like this. The Odds will be affected when the qualifying events begin, for example in the USA and Europe. You could expect a minimal variation in the odds but much more for the favorites. Other events will be affected by the standards: 200m, 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m, long jump, among others.

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