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400 metres women odds – Get the Best Odds at 400 m women

Who wins 400 metres women?

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Athletics for women: 400 metres


Well its simple, all the participating athletes’ circles about a track of 400m. Each of the participant runs in his/her own lane (stepping outside of it, results in disqualification) and they get going from blocks set in staggered positions.

Special sensors placed on the blocks and in the starting pistol, measure what is called the "reaction time". If its <0.1, then the start is considered to be a false and the athlete is stopped from running and is also disqualified.

The Past:

'Diaulos,' an Ancient Olympics’ event, involved racing around 2 marks on a field almost equal to today's track of 400 metres.

Although the men's version of the event have been in existence since 1986, the women's 400 metres was first included into the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Interesting Trivia:

When the Australian sprinter Cathy Freeman won Olympic gold in the 400 metres at Sydney 2000, it drew record TV audiences in her home country of about seven million viewers.

Gold standard:

No other country has been able to equal the performance of the United States men in this event, who have won twenty of the twenty-seven titles to date. Although the same could not be said for the US women, who have just won 2 Olympic golds.

Michael Johnson:

The world's best sprinter, Michael is the 1st man to win the Olympic 400m twice (in '96 & '00 games). The American is also the only man to win the 200 metres and 400 metres at the same games. His world record of 43.18 set in 1999, still stands today.

Marie-Jose Perec:

She was the 1st runner of either gender to win Olympic 400m gold twice (in '92 & '96), like Michael she performed a double by winning 200 metres too.

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