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Triple Jump men World Championships 2019 odds

Who wins Men's Triple Jump at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Christian Taylor2.152.15
Will Claye2.252.25
Pedro Pablo Pichardo7.507.50
Omar Craddock12.5012.50
Zango, Hugues Fabrice16.0016.00
Díaz Fortun, Jordan Alejandro41.0041.00
Dos Santos, Almir51.0051.00
Scott, Donald51.0051.00
Wu Ruiting51.0051.00
Atanay Napoles, Christian67.0067.00
Nazim Babayev67.0067.00
Diaz, Andy81.0081.00
Er, Necati81.0081.00
Zhu Yaming81.0081.00
Melo, Aleksandro101.00101.00
Nelson Évora101.00101.00
Aghasyan, Levon151.00151.00
Alexis Copello151.00151.00
Dmitriy Sorokin151.00151.00
Williams, Ben151.00151.00
Benjamin Compaoré251.00251.00
Collie-Minns, Lathone251.00251.00
Fang Yaoqing251.00251.00
Georgi Tsonov251.00251.00
Latario Collie-Minns251.00251.00
Mapaya, Chengetayi David251.00251.00
Scott, Jordan251.00251.00
Simo Lipsanen251.00251.00
Triki, Yasser251.00251.00
Dallavalle, Andrea351.00351.00
Fyodorov, Aleksey351.00351.00
Jean-Marc Pontvianne351.00351.00
Kurbanov, Ruslan501.00501.00

Mapaya has set his sights on the 2019 IAAF World Championships

Rather than indulge in the lavish lifestyle the US has to offer to an academically gifted and vibrant twenty-something; the Mapaya spends most of his time either in the gym, with a good book or on his gaming console.

That, in a nutshell, is how the young man spends his free time in the United States, where he is currently on an athletics scholarship at the TCC (Texas Christian College).

Once on the track, the Zimbabwe track and field star goes by the moniker “Du” and is currently one of the fastest rising triple jumpers in the world.

“Life is tough out here and I’m usually too busy to have a social life, so I spend most of my time either playing sleeping, video games or reading books.

“I do the occasion partying with my friends here and there, but other than that, I live a very simple life,” Mapaya said.

 “Most people believe that the reason I’m into triple Jump is solely because I am good at it, but that is not the truth.

“Before, triple jump was mostly a means to an end, or an escape.

‘I realized, early on, that if I was to get quality education and proceed to university, I had to get a scholarship and triple jump was the best route.

“Now, I jump for everyone who has supported me from the very beginning and many others who joined in the journey.

“I do it for them,” said Mapaya.

Only recently, the young man broke the school’s men’s outdoor triple jump record at a meet in North Carolina last weekend.

The TCU sophomore jumped a wind-legal 16.64m (54-7.25), breaking the 16.57m (54-4.5) mark of last year’s National Relay Championships set by Scotty Newton.

But, this latest milestone means very little to the former St Johns College student who holds numerous other records in Africa, Zimbabwe and the United States.

These include record jumps at Under 16, 17 and a national record.

This on top of an African Junior record that stands at 16.30 meters and the TCU Indoor (16.83m).

Instead, the Zimbabwe track and field star dreams of making a global mark.

“At the moment, my plan is to qualify for the 2019 World Championships and next year’s Olympics in Japan.

“I want to make a global mark and show the world there is talent in Zimbabwe,” he said.


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