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Triple Jump men European Championships 2018 odds

Who wins Men's Triple Jump at the European Athletics Championships 2018?

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Triple Jump for the Three Rivals

The European Athletics Championship will bring more excitement as more than 4500 athletes are gearing up for this unique tournament. This continental event includes 20 competitions in which 52 countries from the old continent will have the common gold of winning medals. One contest that is high on the agenda of the pundits is the Triple Jump. This contest will bring some high profile athletes with each of them gunning for glory.

One notable athlete that will take part in the triple jump contest is Max Hess. The current European Triple Jump Champion will have much to prove in Berlin as he aims to bounce back after some average performances in the last couple of years. After winning the gold in Amsterdam, the expectation was that he will play a decisive role at the Rio Olympics. However, that was not the case as he finished on the 15th spot. His latest appearance was at the World Indoor Championship in Birmingham. The result was 16.47 which was good enough for the 11th place at the triple jump contest. Nevertheless, the 21 years old athlete has a bright future and the general expectation is that he will continue his progress during the European Athletics Championship.

Another notable athlete is Karol Hoffman. The Polish jumper has a high expectation for the triple jump contest as he will aim to improve at the Berlin tournament. The 29 years old athlete was able to win a silver medal at the 2016 European Championships. He was able to jump 17. 16 meters which still stands as his personal best.
His appearance at the Rio Olympics resulted with a record of 16.31 meters which was good enough only for the 12spot at the triple jump contest.

The third notable athlete that is worth mentioning is Julian Ried. The British athlete has faced the previous two rivals as he took part of the 2016 European Athletics Championship in Amsterdam. At that tournament, Reid was able to win the bronze medal as he finished behind Max Hess and Karol Hoffman. This will be a good opportunity for the 30 years old Olympian to bounce back against his rivals and to win the gold. It is worth to mention that the Jamaican born athlete has vast experience under his belt representing Jamaica and Great Britain.

All in all, the triple jump contest will bring some old rivals back as they will be gunning for the gold. With names like Hess, Hoffman and Reid, we will surely see a very competitive contest.


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