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Shot Put women European Championships 2018 odds

Who wins Women's Shot Put?

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2018 European Athletics Championships – Women’s Shotput

All around the world, people are involved in one form of sport or the other, for some, it’s for fitness, for others for fame and fortune. While it was something leisurely before, it has gone beyond that now as sporting has been turned into a major event all around the world, and outstanding competitors are usually rewarded, as a form of encouragement. Athletes who perform in these big competitions are often expected to put on a show of good sportsmanship, strength, perseverance, team spirit and endurance. While there are so many events like this in various parts of the world, one of the major ones is the European Athletics Championships which began in 2010 and has been taking place biennially. However, at some point, the European Athletics Championships will no longer be a standalone event, but will become an integral part of a major event which is the “European Championships”, and this major event will not only be about athletics alone, but other sports will be involved.

The 7th of August 2018, will mark the beginning of the 2018 European Athletic Championships, this event will happen in Berlin, at the Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium). The stadium is known for its rich history and prestige. It played host to the FIFA World Cup Final in 2006, and also the 2015 UEFA Champions League final, which are just a few of the numerous notable events that have taken place there.

Shot Put

Shot put has been one of the events of the Olympics in Rome, since 1896. This is one sport that requires strength, and techniques. As time went by, the throwing styles and techniques had some improvements, which led to the thrower having more power while being able to achieve farther distances. According to Scottish historians, shot puts trace their origins to the 12th century when stone-throwing was part of the “Tailteann Games”.

Originally, the shot put used in the 18th century was a cannonball, and then the one used in the Olympics was made of lead. The modern-day shot put is made of either smooth brass or iron.

Women’s Shot Put

In early days, there was a patriarchal system that contributed to the exclusion of women from getting involved in so many things including sports, but gradually, women began to get included in sports, including sporting activities that required power and stamina like the shot put. The standard weight of the women’s shot is 4 kg. Female athletes have made their marks and have been doing so since their inclusion in major sporting events.

The 2018 European Athletic Championships is looking good already, as massive preparations are going on to make it a colorful, eventful, and memorable one. Tickets are being sold at a fast rate, and the event is enjoying huge publicity.

The women’s shot put in the 2018 European Athletic Championships will have two rounds, and will begin on the first day of the event which is Tuesday, 7th August 2018, at 10:10, and the final will take place on the second day of the event, which is Wednesday, 8th August, 2018 at 20:15.

The event promises to be an interesting one, that will have athletes from different parts of the world competing, and it will be viewed by millions all around the world.


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