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200 metres women European Athletics Championships

Who wins 200 metres women at the European Athletics Championships 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Dina Asher-Smith1.361.30
Dafne Schippers4.004.00
Jamile Samuel23.0015.00
Mujinga Kambundji26.0019.00
Ivet Lalova-Collio34.0026.00
Beth Dobbin41.0041.00
Bianca Williams81.0041.00
Laura Muller101.00101.00

The 2018 Europeans Athletic Championships 200 Meters Women’s Race

The Europeans Athletic Championships is part of the Championships merged together for the big “2018 Europeans Championships”. It is a track and field sport event that used to take place every two years but will now be held together with other European Championships. Europeans Championships is a multi-sports event that will be held for six days, from the 7th of August to 12th of August.

200 Meters Women Race

The 200 meters race is a dash or sprint athletic event. It is an outdoor race held on a 400 Meters track, so it requires a lot of techniques for the race to be successfully ran. This 200-meter race places more attention on speed endurance than the 100 meters race, so different energy system and techniques are employed by the athletes. The first woman world record holder in the 200 meters who was able to run for 21.34s at the 1988 Olympic summer is Florence Griffith Joyner from The United States Of America. While the reigning world champion is Dafne Schippers from Nederland. The 200 meters women race for the European Athletic Championships started in 1938, it used to be held every four years but was later changed to every two years in 2010. The recorded gold, silver, and bronze medalists for the 200 meters women race in The European Athletic Championships from 2010 till date are:

•2010: Gold medalist- Myriam Soumare from France. Silver medalist- Yelizavheta Brykhina from Ukraine. Bronze medalist-  Aleksandra Fedoriva from Russia.

•2012: Gold medalist- Mariya Ryemyen from Ukraine. Silver medalist-  Hrystyna Study from Ukraine. Bronze medalist- Myriam Soumare from France.

•2014: Gold medalist- Dafne Schippers from Nederland. Silver medalist- Jodie Williams from The Great Britain. Bronze medalist- Myriam Soumare from France.

•2016: Gold medalist- Dina Asha-smith from The Great Britain. Silver medalist- Ivet Lalova-Col-lio from Bulgaria. Bronze medalist- Gina Luckenkemper. 

2018 European Championships – Women’s 200 meters race

The 200 meters women’s race for the “European Championships” consists of three rounds which are: The round one, which is the pre-qualification round, The semifinals, and The finals. The round one will take place on the 4th day of the event (10th of August) at 11:25 AM. All the athletes eligible to enter the championship will compete in this round,  except the top twelve best ranked athletes according to their member federation. So they automatically qualify for the semi-finals which will be held thrice on the 4th day of the event too, but in the evening at  19:55. And only the top twelve from member federation and the top twelve athletes from the round one will participate in this round. The top 2 athletes in each semi-final together with the top two in all the semifinals round will now participate in the finals which will take place on the 5th day of the event which is on the 11th of August 2018, at 20:55 PM. The game is stated to stage at the Olympiastadion, and the preparation for the event is currently ongoing as the tickets are already available for sale.