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High Jump women European Championships odds

Who wins Women's High Jump?

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Athletics for Women: High Jump


The rules are simple; the participants must jump without any aid over a 4m long horizontal bar, the objective is to clear the greatest height without dislodging the bar.

All participants get 3 chances at each height, although if they want, they can advance to a greater height without clearing the current one. A participant can get eliminated if he/she faces 3 consecutive failures either at the same or at a combination of heights.

If two participants get tied on the same height, the one with the fewest failures at that height will be declared the winner. If they are still tied, than the one with the fewest failures across the entire competition will be declared the winner. Even if that does not solve the problem than a jump-off will decide the winner.

The Past:

The sport was very popular in Scotland at the start of the 19th century; it was incorporated into the first modern Olympics Games in 1896.

Interesting Trivia:

In '56 and '57, many of the top athletes used built up shoes, with soles of up to 5cm. Stepanov was able to clear a world record height of 2.16 metres in '57 using such shoes, but the following year they were banned by IAAF.

Gold Standard:

An interesting thing happened at the 2016 Summer Olympics, when the Spain's Beitia won the event thus becoming the oldest winner of the event as well as her nation's first women's Olympic athletics gold medallist.


Iolanda Balas

Between '57 & '67, the Romanian athlete won hundred-and-fifty consecutive competitions and set an unparalleled fourteen world records with a variant of the old-fashioned scissors technique. The greatest high jumper ever won Olympic gold medals in '60 and '64. She was inducted into the IAAF Hall of Fame in 2012.

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