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Decathlon World Athletics Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins Men's Decathlon at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

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A comparison between two decathlon world champions heading towards Doha

Kevin Mayer is the current world champion, winning the gold medal back in 2017. While Ashley Moloney has got the U20 world title under his belt, which he won last year.

Kevin is 27 year old while Ashley is 19. Back in 2010, Kevin too won a world junior title. Both were and are regarded as prodigious talents. When a comparison between their decathlon scores is done in the year they became U20 champion, one can easily notice that the young Australian is ahead of Kevin. 

Now, what can we make of such comparisons, well for starters nothing and everything, all at the same time. One thing that can be easily concurred from the past is that the progress from junior champion to senior gold medallist does not proceed in straight lines. Kevin has done it; Ashley is about to take his first steps along the same road.

Of immediate interest for the young Australian, however, is whether he can fulfill the prediction of his coach Eric Brown that he can qualify for 2019 World Championships in Athletics due to be held later this year in Doha and for Tokyo 2020. Ashley is among the athletes nominated by Athletics Australia to compete in the championships in Townsville later this month (25-28 June). As an IAAF area championship, the winner automatically gets a qualifying standard for Doha.

Kevin Mayer, the current world star will return to the sight of his world decathlon record when he competes on 22-23 June at the Decastar in Talence on the road to the 2019 World Championships in Athletics in Doha which begins in late September.

The European Athlete of the Year will also compete in the Monaco Diamond League on 12 July and in the Paris Diamond League on 24 August.


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